New Pet Owner Resources

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is a leader in animal health and safety, keeping animals out of shelters and in the habitats and homes where they belong. As part of our commitment to supporting positive relationships between people and animals, ARL offers the following resources to adopters and members of our community:


Schedule a Wellness Visit for Your Pet
Make an appointment at Boston Veterinary Care – a clinic with a mission, all proceeds benefit shelter animals at ARL!


Enroll Your Pet in Dog Training
Learn more about ARL’s dog training courses.

Contact ARL’s FREE Pet Behavior Helpline
Contact an ARL representative at (617) 426-9170 x166 regarding basic behavioral questions about your pet.

Surrender an Animal
Contact the Admissions Office at the ARL shelter location closest to you to speak with a representative.


Report Animal Cruelty & Neglect
Call ARL’s Law Enforcement Department at (617) 426-9170, follow the prompts for Law Enforcement

Help Your Pet in Distress
Call ARL’s Field Services at (617) 426-9170, follow the prompts for Field Services