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The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in their habitats and homes. Founded in 1899, ARL provides high-quality veterinary care, adoption, and field services; while also confronting the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect through innovative community programs, police investigations, and public advocacy.

In 2023, ARL served 20,964 animals in need throughout Massachusetts.

ARL does not receive government grants or public funding and relies on the generosity of our supporters to help animals in need.


Recent press coverage of ARL's mission in action!

Our Mission in Action

The stories below highlight ARL’s important for animals and people most in need. Learn more about us.

For details about a particular story, contact Mike DeFina, Media Relations Manager, at press@arlboston.org or (617) 293-3530.

Press Kit

To help avoid confusion with other animal welfare agencies, and so that we can better serve animals in need in a timely manner, please refer to us in all reports as the “Animal Rescue League of Boston”, followed by “ARL” for short.

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Non-Media Related Requests

ARL is unable to accommodate students or artists engaging in research projects who are seeking: interviews with a staff member or volunteer; permission to draw, take photographs, or videotape animals, staff, volunteers, or facilities.

For corporations interested in volunteer opportunities, contact Debby Chaplic, ARL’s Director of Education, at dchaplic@arlboston.org or (617) 426-9170 x170.

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Our Mission in Action

The stories below highlight ARL’s important for animals and people most in need. Learn more about us.

For details about a particular story, contact Mike DeFina, Communications & Media Relations Manager, at press@arlboston.org or (617) 293-3530.



Dog Training 1.4.23

Overcrowding Cat Intake 1.23.23

ARL Brewster Blood Mobile 1.26.23

Clarendon Adoption 2.1.23

Cold WX Pet tips 2.4.23

HSUS Dog Fighting Rescue 2.3.23

Puppy Transport WX 2.28.23

Overcrowding Cats 3.10.23

ABCD Food Pop Up 3.17.23

Animal Poison Prevention Week 3.22.23 

National Puppy Day 3.23.23

Transport Kitten Surgery 3.23.23

Clarendon Adopted 3.27.23

Mr. Belvedere 4.3.23

Tick Season 4.6.23

Classy Awards 4.6.23

Injured Stray 4.7.23

ARL Humane Education BPL 4.11.23

Cape Emaciated Stray 4.13.23

Boston Intake Cat 4.20.23

Tornado Puppies 4.26.23

Revolution Drive Series 4.27.23

Keep Pets FED 4.28.23

Whitney Fund Surgery 5.1.23

Large Rodent Intake 5.3.23

Brookline Geese Rescue 5.5.23

Cruelty Free Day 5.10.23

Overcrowding Cats 5.11.23

Ollie’s Law Rally 5.17.23

Fisher College Abandoned Cat 5.23.23

South Boston Cruelty Charges 5.31.23

June Heat 6.1.23

Lowell Cat Surgery 6.7.23

Spay Waggin Kingston 6.8.23

Classy Award 6.12.23

Malden Pitbulls 6.14.23

July 4 Tips 6.30.23

Hurricane Preparedness 7.11.23

THFS 7.18.23

Boston Heat Advisory 7.26.23

Community Cats 7.27.23

Volunteers Obese Cats 8.1.23

Smallie Adoption Event 8.7.23

Jeff Adoptable 8.8.23

Young Dog Adoption Event 8.22.23

Back to School Tips 8.30.23

Animals Left Ourside Shelters 9.7.23

Postpartum Cat Surgery 9.14.23

Emaciated Pitbull 9.19.23

Keep Pets FED Drive 9.24.23

Ollie’s Law Hearing 9.26.23

Overcrowding Animals 10.3.23

Kitten in Car 10.5.23

Fall River Neonatal Kittens 10.11.23

Heart Murmur Puppy 11.8.23

Mini Stallions 11.14.23

Cold Kitten 11.21.23

SW Fall River MAF 11.21.23

Community Cats 11.24.23

Spay Waggin FPZ 11.30.23

ACO of the year 2023 12.1.23                            


ARL GMA 1.16.22

Kentucky Dog Transport ASPCA 1.20.22

Avon Dogs Update 2.3.22

Dedham Deceased Dog 2.1.22

Avon Dogs Update Cosmo 2.17.22

Ollie’s Law Rally 3.10.22

New Bedford Spay Waggin MAF 3.14.22

Community Cat Season 3.24.22

Station Ave Elementary Donations 3.22.22

Acushnet Deceased Cat 3.28.22

ASPCA Cruelty Transport 4.1.22

Small Animal Adoption Event 4.1.22

SAFE Anniversary 4.8.22

Board Safely 4.11.22

Franklin and Frieda 4.14.22

Watertown Owl Rescue 4.29.22

Fall River SW MAF 5.3.22

Berkley Horse Rescue 5.3.22

Felicia Rose Grant 5.13.22

Temp Housing 5.18.22

Gorey House 6.15.22

July 4 Tips 6.28.22

Too Hot for Spot Advisory 7.12.22

Rowdy Reunited 7.16.22

Boston Heat Advisory 7.19.22

SW Falmouth Event 7.22.22

Malden Abandoned Dog 8.3.22

SAFE Food Drive 8.9.22

Chatham Orpheum Event 8.10.22

MAC Grant 8.12.22

Abandoned Pomeranian Adopted 8.15.22

HSUS Beagles 8.30.22

Norwood Burned Dog 8.31.22

Truro PTC 8.10.22

Roxbury Cat in Drain 9.16.22

Malden Dog Update 10.5.22

Fall River Kitten Rescue 10.7.22

ACO of the year 2022 10.10.22

Norwood Burned Dog Update 10.19.22

NECHV Partnership 11.1.22

Cape Cod Foundation Grant 11.7.22

Holiday Tips 11.16.22

Fall River SW MAF 11.22.22

Malden Dog Case 12.6.22

ARL ABCD WW 12.19.22

SAFE Update 12.27.22


Sandwich Mising Cat 12.29.21

Avon Abandoned Dogs 12.20.21

Coloring Contest 12.16.21

South Shore Cats 11.23.21

Fall River Spay Waggin MAF 11.15.21

Dedham Building Dedication 11.14.21

ACO of the year 11.1.21

Violet the Pig 10.27.21

Abandoned Animal Cases 10.21.21

Halloween Tips 10.19.21

Randolph Dog Update 10.14.21

Injured Kitten 9.3.21

ARL Film Screening 8.30.21

Banfield Foundation Grant 8.17.21

Randolph Rescued Dogs 8.16.21

ARL Cares for 2 Week Old Puppies 7.27.21

SAFE Cat Food Drive 7.16.21

Hurricane Preparedness Week 7.14.21

Westport Abandoned Dog 7.9.21

Too Hot for Spot MSP 7.7.21 

Shelter Reopening 6.11.21

Falmouth SW Event 6.11.21  

MAC Grant Release Final 6.11.21  

Petco Love Grant_5.28.21

Cape 100 5.26.21

Peters Park Dog 5.25.21

Dedham Rabies Clinic 5.25.21

Cape Rabies Clinic 5.12.21 

Kitten Season 5.5.21

Lawrence Deceased Dog Re-Release 4.29.21

SAFE One Year Anniversary 4.26.21

MV Cats Update 4.20.21

West Springfield CIT 4.14.21 

Hyde Park Abandoned Cat 4.12.21

Fall River Spay Clinic 4.8.21  

Lawrence Deceased Dog 4.7.21 

Brewster Lizard 3.29.21 

Spay Waggin Franklin Park Zoo 2.23.21

Worcester Cruelty Case 2.5.21

Warm Temps Community Kitten Surge 1.26.21  

Winter Weather Pet Tips 1.25.21

Wellness Waggin’ East Boston 1.21.21

Weymouth LE Assist 1.13.21  

New Year Resolution Pet Ownership 1.6.21 

ACO of the year 2020 1.4.21 


USPS Mail Carrier Helps Stray Cat 12.30.20

Covid Programs Reminder 12.16.20

ARL Coloring Contest 12.9.20

Cape Cod Foundation Grant 12.3.20

Giving Tuesday Preview 11.30.20

Dr. Schettino CAWA Certification 11.20.20

Twyla Abandoned Dog 11.18.20

Esplanade Duck Rescue 11.10.20

Eviction Pet Temp Housing 10.21.20

Twooey Seeks Special Home 10.12.20

Drive-Thru Donation Drive 10.10.20

Alexandria Adoption 9.29.20

East Boston Clinic 9.3.20

Proper PPE Disposal 8.5.20

Boston Kitten Stray Season 7.31.20

Too Hot for Spot 7.20.20

MV Cats Rescued 7.9.20

Brewster Mini Donkeys 7.1.20

Woburn Swan Rescue 6.17.20

Best Friends Grant Final 6.4.20

ARL Resume Adoptions 6.1.20

DOT Cat Stuck in Fence 5.29.20

Heading Back to Work Pet Anxiety 5.20.20

Abandoned Animals 5.6.20

DOT Abandoned Kitten 5.1.20

COVID 19 NY Pets 4.22.20

Framingham Injured Cat 4.2.20

Keep Pets SAFE Program 3.24.20

Lobby Day Cancelled 3.11.20

Field Services Wellesley Beaver 3.5.20

ARL President Announcement 2.20.20

Watertown Deceased Cat Assist 2.11.20

Homeless Cats Shelter 2.6.20

Mary Nee Retirement 1.23.20

Homeless Cat Food Drive 1.16.20


Frozen Stray Found 12.26.19

Abandoned 19 Year Old Cat 12.18.19

Patriots Cheerleaders Visit ARL 12.14.19

Fall River Spay Neuter Clinic 12.2.19

Cane Corso Adoption Follow 11.21.19

ACO of the year 2019 11.6.19

Cats Rescued from Overcrowding 11.6.19

Middleboro Cruelty Case Charges 10.23.19

Middleboro Cruelty Case 10.7.19

Charlotte 9.24.19

ARL State House 9.10.19

Check the Chip Day 8.15.19

Heat Advisory Tethering Law 7.30.19

Paws to Celebrate Cape 7.30.19

Brewster Storm Supplies 7.24.19

Malden Abandoned Kitten 7.18.19

Silky Terrier Stray 7.16.19

Wellness Waggin ABCD Partnership 7.10.19

Too Hot for Spot 7.2.19

Lynnway Dogs 6.24.19

Duck Tours Stray Cat 6.11.19

ARL Kitten Rescues 6.6.19

ARL State House Testimony 6.4.19

Easter Cat Hoarding Update 5.8.19

Cape Kitten Stray Season 5.7.19

Kennel 9 Campaign 5.1.19

Tree Training 4.25.19

Cat Video Fest 4.23.19

Sato Transport 4.23.19

Dedham Rabies Clinic 4.16.19

Framingham Stray Dog 4.10.19

Brewster Diabetic Cat 4.5.19

Dorchester Injured Stray Cat 4.1.19

Diabetic Cat Care 3.20.19

Dedham Dog Training 3.15.19

Frankie Stray 2.28.19

Microchipped Cat Reunited with Family 2.22.19

Cape Improperly Disposed Animals 2.15.19

Dedham Abandoned Cats Update 1.30.19 (1)

Sullivan Square Abandoned Cat 1.23.19

Cold Weather Tips 1.22.19

Missing Dorchester Dogs 1.10.19

Brewster Pigs Anniversary 1.7.19

Dorchester Cat Rescue 1.3.19


Dedham Abandoned Cats Update 12.27.18

Pets as Gifts 12.20.18

Brewster Horses Update 12.6.18

Dedham Abandoned Cats 11.28.18

Giving Tuesday Advancer 11.23.18

ARL Beverly Stray Dog Update2 11.21.18

Brewster Woodpile Kittens 11.19.18

Paws to Celebrate 11.6.18

ARL Beverly Stray Dog Update 11.9.18

ACO of the year 2018 11.2.18

ARL Collaborates with State to Distribute Animal Cruelty Manual 11.1.18

Dedham Horses 10.19.18

Brewster Horses 10.10.18

Leptospirosis 10.10.18

Brookline Abandoned Dog 10.2.18

ARL Beverly Stray Dog Presser 9.26.18

ARL Quincy ACO Pet Surrender 9.17.18

Priscilla Dog Found Under Car 9.12.18

Paw Palooza 8.22.18

Chelsea Abandoned Kitten 8.28.18

Heat Wave Reminder 8.27.18

Stray Peacock Adopted 8.23.18

Taunton Kittens 8.14.18

PAWS II Signed Into Law 8.10.18

Spay Waggin Middleborough 8.3.18

PAWS II Passes 8.1.18

Quincy Bird Rescue PR 7.17.18

THFS State House 7.13.18

Stray Peacock Cape PR 7.2.18

Charlestown Cormorant Rescue PR 6.28.18

Spay Waggin Middleborough 6.19.18

Brewster Blind Stray 6.15.18

JP Turkey Rescue 6.14.18

Amazing Cat with Medical Concerns Seeking Home 6.7.18

House Passes PAWS II 6.6.18

Brewster Microchip Clinic 5.30.18

ARL Plymouth Cat Rescue 5.24.18

WGBH Geese Rescue 5.22.18

Stolen Dog Returned 5.16.18

Alan Borgal Maddie’s Fund PR 4.24.18

Puppy Doe Statement Guilty 3.22.18

Susan Sweeney Presentation PR 4.19.18

Emaciated Dog Brewster 2.22.18

Bristol County Donkey and Pony Update 2.15.18

Good Samaritan Saves Cat’s Life 2.7.18

Holliston Fire Animal Care 1.23.18

Bristol County Donkey and Pony 1.12.18

UPS Roxbury Kittens 1.7.18

Tethering Weather Advisories 1.3.18


Pets cold weather 12.30.17

ARL Awarded PetSmart Charities Grant 12.28.17

PR Puppy Transport 12.28.17

Carly Copley 12.27.17

Joey the Therapy Bunny 12.21.17

Home for the Holidays — Ellen 12.7.17

Special Needs Kittens Dedham 12.5.17

Mount Ida Kitten 11.27.17

Woburn Raccoon Head in Jar 11.16.17

Hyde Park Kittens 11.9.17

ACO of the year 2017 press release

Maybelle Adopted 10.27.17

State House Hearing 10.17.17

PR Puppy Transport 10.10.17

Florida Emergency Cat Transport 9.14.17

Tunnel Kitten2 9.5.17

Florida Kitten Transport 8.29.17

ARL Bristol County Hoarding Case 8.23.17

ARL Hoarding Cases 8.23.17

ARL Central Mass Hoarding Case 8.16.17

Tragic Dog Death 8.1.17

State Trooper Recognition Handout 7.20.17

Marconi Cat Rescue 7.12.17

PR Puppy Transport 7.12.17

Coffee StowawayKitten 7.11.17

Too Hot for Spot 6.29.17

Maybelle Overfed Pig 6.7.17

Dog Abandoned in Ware 5.24.17

Memorial Day Travel Tips 5.23.17

Keep Your Pets Cool 5.17.17

Northeastern Duck Rescue 5.15.17

WGBH Geese Rescue 5.8.17

Tethering Work Shop 5.5.17

Volunteer Week 4.21.17

Animal Cruelty Awareness Week 4.18.17

Brewster Puppy Transport 4.8.17

Foxboro Deer Rescue 3.27.17

Mass Animal Fund Line 33F 2.24.17

Phil Finds a New Home 2.24.17

Hingham Abandoned Dog 1.31.17

ARL Celebrates Legislative Win 1.27.17

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