The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is a leader in animal safety by keeping animals in their homes and habitats, and by eliminating the conditions that lead to neglect and abuse.


We understand that sometimes the difficult decision must be made to surrender your pet; rest assured that ARL is here to help you with the process. Learn more.

Field Services 

As part of its Community Outreach programs, ARL’s Field Services provides technical (tree climbing and swift/ice water) and non-technical rescues for injured domestic animals -including community cats– livestock, and raptors (turkey vultures, ospreys, hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls). Learn more.

Law Enforcement

As a leader in animal welfare, ARL is committed to preventing animal suffering, neglect, and abuse in Massachusetts. Learn more. Suspect animal cruelty? Call (617) 426-9170 x110 or email cruelty@arlboston.org.

Animal Advocacy

ARL seeks to make long-term gains for animals by advocating for humane laws, policies, and regulations at the local, state and federal level. Learn more.

Board Safely™

Did you know… there are no statewide regulations that govern boarding kennels and pet daycare facilities in Massachusetts? The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Board Safely™ campaign encourages pet owners to do their own research before leaving their pet in the care of a boarding kennel or daycare facility. Learn more.

Too Hot for Spot®

In November 2016, S.2369, An Act to Prevent Animal Suffering and Death, dubbed “Too Hot for Spot” by ARL, became law. This law prohibits pet owners from confining any animal in a motor vehicle during extreme temperatures, amends the anti-tethering statute, and allows law enforcement officers from ARL and MSPCA to issue citations to violators. Learn more about this important animal safety campaign.