Animal Advocacy

ARL seeks to make long-term gains for animals by advocating for humane laws, policies and regulations. ARL engages dedicated staff and volunteers to advocate for legislation and policy with local, state and federal government. ARL also creates informational materials and campaigns to raise public awareness on topics such as: reporting animal abuse and neglect, the benefits of spay and neutering, adopting from responsible shelters and the importance of preventive veterinary care.

Animal Welfare Positions & Policies

These statements not only inform the public, our supporters, and our staff, but also serve as guide for ARL’s Advocacy for laws and policies protecting animals. Learn more.

Legislative Agenda

ARL continues to support legislation that enhances and improves protections for animals, and to oppose reforms that endanger the welfare of animals in Massachusetts. See the bills we support and oppose.

Animal Cruelty and Protection Task Force

In 2016, the Animal Cruelty and Protection Task Force issued a report on a large number of issues related to animal cruelty and protection. Learn more.