Building ARL’s Foundation for the Future in Boston

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is excited to announce that we are rebuilding our Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center and Boston Veterinary Care at our current location of 10 Chandler Street in the South End.

Learn about ARL’s rich 125-year history

This project will advance ARL’s mission of being an unwavering champion for over 20,000 animals each year. It is a significant opportunity for our historic 125-year-old organization to provide animals with the highest standards of care to help them heal and thrive, advance pet health and well-being through exceptional veterinary care and dog training, keep people and pets together, and improve the lives of animals.

ARL is building a state-of-the-art facility to benefit the animals we care for, while also ensuring we reach as many pets and people as possible through our services for pet owners living in Greater Boston.

ARL’s plans and next steps:

      • A new 3-story facility of approximately 30,000 square feet will be built on our existing site, with construction to begin in 2025.
      • Through the duration of the construction period, ARL will provide continuous and uninterrupted operations of our programs in Boston, so that we remain a reliable resource for our community.
      • The new facility will increase our capacity to help even more pets and animals in need

As long-term members of the community, we want to maintain strong communication with our abutters and the larger South End community throughout this process. Please continue to check this page for updates.


Please email bostonproject@arlboston.org