2021 President’s Council Members

The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) dedicated President’s Council members provide the critical resources needed to care for animals where they belong, connect community resources, strengthen laws, and raise awareness to prevent animal neglect and abuse everywhere.

Foundation for the Future Campaign

Thank you to the following individuals and families for their inspiring generosity in support of our new state-of-the-art facility on our Dedham Campus. We are thrilled to share that with their help we exceeded our $3M goal!

Silver paw print


The Solomon Family

gold paw print

The Rabe Family
Connie and Peter Lacaillade
Walter and Lee Kenyon
The Mabel Louise Riley Foundation

William Schawbel
Louise and Kurt Wulff
Lisa A. Clifton

silver paw print

The Beardsley-Tomasetti Family
Rich Davey and Jane Willis
The Kettyle Family
The McDonald-Passoni Family

The Ridill Clowder
Avi Nelson
José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan

bronze paw print

Rich Kelly and Carol Akerson
Renee Knilans
Rod and Barbara Macdonald
Kathleen and Norman MacLeod
Jane and Jeffrey Marshall
Christina and Daniel Nagler
Mary Nee and Jim Chapin
Tara and Christophe Oliver

Nadine Pellegrini and
Douglas Stoddart
Alisa Plazonja and Dmitry Gurevich
Christopher Primiano
Dr. Edward Schettino and
Eunapio DeNovaes
Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg and
Denise Saltojanes

Thank you to the 2021 President’s Council!


Aneel Bhusri
Jane and Robert Deegan
Sadhana and Frederick Down
Peter Jahn

$25,000 – $49,999

Jo-Ann Altmark
Katherine A. Burdon

Grace and Ted Fey
Michelle and William Gelnaw
Jane and Jeffrey Marshall

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (2)
Elinor R. Blair
Dennis Charette
Charles and Dorothy Campbell Charitable Fund
Craig Davis and Steve Vondran
Daniel and Maureen Flatley
Janice and Richard Gallivan
Elizabeth Games
David Jacob
Rich Kelly and Carol Akerson
Walter and Lee Kenyon
Drs. Cynthia and William Kettyle
Rose B. Mandelbaum

Allison and William Mankivsky
Michael and Debra McAleer
P. Andrews and Linda McLane
Avi Nelson
Heather and Park Ridill
José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan
Cassie Ryan
William Schawbel
Christopher Souvey
Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg and
Denise Saltojanes
Laura Tomasetti and David Beardsley
Raimund and Anne Vanderweil

$5,000 – $9,999

Danah Al-Husaini
Janet H. Bantly
Marc Baumgartner
Sophia and David Barron
Rosemarie and Charlie Boucher
Joan H. Crowell
Rich Davey and Jane Willis
Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird
John Doyle
Margaret Dunn
Martha W. Elliott
Dr. Carol Epstein
Alison Erbig and William Goldberg
Allegra Manacher and Curt Kohlberg
Kelly and Brian McKernan
Margo Mercer
Elizabeth C. Minot
Robert A. Moeser
Mary Nee and James Chapin
Kiki and Tim Neely
Paula J. O’Keeffe
Tara and Christophe Oliver
Jay C. Pattin
Nadine Pellegrini and Douglas Stoddart
Christopher Primiano
Leslie Read
Carol A. Rhoads

Quentin and Violetta Faulkner
Michelle and Andrew Feinberg
Patricia Flatley
Ellen and Gilbert Forest
Elvira Hand
Nancy Haverty
James and Robeson Herrnstein
William and Barbara Hill
Herbert A. Huene
Renee Knilans
Christine Kromer
Richard and Laura Lavoie
Lee Ann and Michael Leahy
Rod and Barbara Macdonald
Robert and Christiane Rosati
Peter and Cynthia Schliemann
Gerie Schumann
The Sea Breeze Foundation
Anna Semakhin
Roger and Kristin Servison
Carl L. Siegel
Jim Silverman and Marcia Reis
Michael and Alyson Strianese
Erin Swedish and Joseph Bracken
Jane and Andrew Urban
Kayla Venckauskas
Carolyn V. Wood
Louise and Kurt Wulff

$2,500 – $4,999

Dylan and Leigh Ann Alexander
Susan Allen and Christopher Conlon
Katrina Anderson and Michael Denomy
Gregory D. Ansin
Irene Bloomstein
Ellen and Mark Borreliz
Robert and Karen Boudreau
Brian Boyle and Polly Marmaduke
Margot H. Brickelmaier
Mary R. Buckley
Lynne G. Bumpus
Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding
Lisa Cannata
Mary Jane Caranci
Robert Childers and Richard Spada
Aaron and Maya Cole
Brenda L. Crawford
Stephen Darr and Linda Feremery
George A. Dillon
Jane B. Donahue
Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm
The Ellen B. Gray Memorial Fund
Dr. Drew G. Faust
Tracy Fischer
Anne Foresman
Jeanne Nutt
Karen M. O’Toole
Mary and John Parker
Keri Pyke
Ellin Reisner
Ronald and Jane Remy
Paul B. Riddell
Peter and Beverley Robbins
Victoria Roman
Darin and Debbie Samaraweera
Eaglemere Foundation
Kathryn Sarles Garvey and
Patrick Garvey
Norman Satanoski

Michael J. Godek
Judith M. Gonsalves
Josh and Sarah Greenhill
Donna and Michael Hall
Justin Halls
Thomas C. Harris
Susan Hurwitz and Miguel Lessing
Brian Hyde and Joe Fiorello
Steven Kaufman and Arlene Handschuch
Dr. Donald Keamy
Stephen and Joan Kelly
Kirkiles and Associates Commercial Brokerage, LLC
James T. Knowles
Susan M. Koors
Patricia La Valley and Geoffrey Hargadon
Jonathan R. Leehey
Robert and Karen Levin
Anne R. Lindsay and Dr. David J. Schwarz
David Long
Barbara H. Magruder
Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni
Jane C. McLagan
Lucy D. Metcalf
Anne R. Moller
David and Ginger Murray
Philip Saul
Cynthia and Grant Schaumburg
Dr. Edward Schettino
Rebecca Smith
William Spears
Lindsey and Brian Swett
Joyce Tallent and Brian Klock
Mary and Jose Torres
Brenda Weinstein and Dorothy Strauss
Dr. Priscilla L. White
Sonya and Sean Wilder
William G. Winterer
David Wisholek and Christopher McBride

$1,000 – $2,499

Chava Abrams
Roger and Denise Ackerman
Beverly A. Alba
Michael and Laura Albert
Hollis M. Allen, Jr.
Mary Ames
Nate and Sara Amory
Anonymous (3)
Catherine A. Armstrong
Maureen and Carleton Atwood
Veronika Bachmann-Baron
Tamara Baer and Michael Flood
Timothy Bancroft and Julie Baer
Pamela B. Bankert
James and Patricia Barbato
Ayelet R. Barkai
Eva Barrett
Emma Baumgartner
Letitia and Thomas Beauregard
Mary Beth Bell
Eric Belsky
Nancy Z. Bender
Joan W. Bendery
Brian Benson
Gina Bernal O’Connor
Robert Berstein
Virginia M. Berzin
Katherine Charles
Pamela A. Chatis
Michael and Julie Cicalese
Ann W. Clapp
Victoria Coburn
Nancy E. Cogswell
Howard A. Cohen
Jill S. Cohen
Dr. Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio
Joel R. Cohn
Virginia Coleman
Anthony R. Conte
Tyler Coppola
Samantha and Mark Cornebise
Tommy and Ann Costa
Tanya and Jamie Courcey
Kathleen Coviello
Denise Cronin
Randall Cronk and Arlene Figman Cronk
Robert Crosby and Shelley Gordon
Patricia J. Crow
Maura Crowley
Dr. Bruce Davie and Ms. Christy Bonstelle
Anne N. Dodge
Martha A. Donovan
Michele Doucette and Philip Newbury
William Drinan
David L. Driscoll
Laura and Daniel Dubin
Dian Dulberger and Evan Wells
Barbara J. Dunay
Patricia Edraos
Frederick and Kimiko Ek
Joan Eldridge
Michael Eramo
Christine G. Espino
Patti Faff
Jerome and Emily Farnsworth
Martha J. Farquhar
Vinita and David Ferrera
Roxanne and Michael Field
Tracy K. Firth
Sandra A. Fischer
William and Joyce Fisher
Carol M. Homeyer
Mary E. Horgan
Faith Howland
Theodor J. Huber
Mary E. Hurley
Kimberly Hutchinson and Benjamin Tarlow
Curtis Huttenhower and Hong Luo
James and Margaret Ingraham
Russell and Janice Isaia
Anne H. Isbister
Mary Jackson
The Jeffrey M. Conklin and Family Charitable Giving Fund
Joseph Jensen
Dana I. Jewell
Ellen Johnson
Sara L. Johnson
Eileen and Wayne Johnston
Andrew Jones
Jeffrey A. Kaplan
Stephen and Jill Karp
Danya L. Kazakavich
Meghan Kelleher and Kerry Herzig
Dr. Holly L. Kelsey
Jan and Karen Kemper Henson
Meg Kenny and David Deschamps
Dr. Trude Kleinschmidt
Frank Kolb
James D. Kolb
Helen and Richard Kosinski
Isabelle Kosman
Karyn Krystock
Laura L’Abbe
Jamie Laird
Gertrude Lanman
Claude M. Lee
Liza Lefkowski
Patricia A. Leighfield
Natalie and Susan Lenkauskas
The Leon V and Marilyn L Rosenberg Family Foundation
Alex and Julia Levy
Jaye E. Lewis
Laurel and David Lhowe
Barbara Moreton
Carolyn S. Morrill
Caroline Mortimer
Harriet C. Moss
Cathy and Alvaro Moura
Justine and James Mullen
William E. Murphy
Danielle Myers
Dr. Sarah Myers McGinty
Ralph and Kathleen Needleman
Ms. Charlotte Prescott Newton
Jenny W. Ng
Dawn and Frederic Norian
Ray J. Norton, Jr.
Deniz Olcay
Kathryn Oram
Carolyn Orfanella and Brad Solomon
Andrew Parker and Lisa Diver
Katherine Parker
Bianca Passarelli
Allen and Linda Peeler
Michael Pereira
Linda and Winfield Perry
Patricia Pickett and Stephen Telfer
Barbara E. Plumeri
Jason Pressman
Ann M. Proctor
Malinda and Ronald Pulicari
Ms. R. Elna Rapp
James and Barbara Rathmell
Elizabeth Rayer
Patricia Regan
Gwyn Reis
Julian Richards
Karl D. Riemer
Nancy J. Roach
Edgar A. Roca
Penelope and William Rodday
Carlos and Eileen Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez
Jessica L. Rogerson
Judith Rosen and Chuck Dresner
Sydney Rosen and
The Mike and Toni Rosen Family Fund
Katherine A. Viator
Lisa Volkening
Dorothy W. Waldron
Edward Walker
Pamela W. Ward
David J. Watkins
William and Joanne Watson
Robert C. Weir
Christopher White and Angela Wehr
Carol Whitney
William and Sonja Whitney
Fay Whittaker
Kim Williams
Becky A. Willoughby

Harvey Bidwell and Nancy Binner
Priscilla A. Biondi
Robert L. Birnbaum
Julia Blank
Barbara and Michael Blauer
Anne Booth
Elaine and Timothy Bowe
Dr. Jayson and Tatyana Bowers
Robert and Virginia Bradley
David Brahm and Karen Hunold
Geraldine Brennan and Barbara Prato
Willard and Paula Bright
Dr. Susan Bromley
Jean P. Buchanan
Linda A. Buckley
Kasia Bytnerowicz
Emma Bzdafka
Edward Cahill and Kathleen Mooney-Cahill
Cynthia L. Cajka
Meredith Campbell
Iris H. Cannata
Jon G. Carpenter
Gerald Carson
Judith E. Cassano
David Cawley and Lisa Buesking
Rebekah and Christopher Chapin
Chris Chapman
Holly Flaherty
Joyce and William Fletcher
Elizabeth W. Floor
Kimberly and Scott Fluhrer
Elizabeth S. Flynn
Peter Y. Flynn
Martin and Kathleen Fogle
Dr. Lisa R. Fortuna
Lemonia Fotiadis
Adam Frank
Quinton Gabara
Marina E. Galarneaux
Ute D. Gannett
Victoria Garza
Jordan Gecht
Dr. Pamela D. Gerardi
Elizabeth Ginsburg and Robert Weinstein
Sheila Girouard
Karen Gondoly
Steven C. Goodwin
Elizabeth H. Gorman
Andrew Gouldstone
Claudia Granville and Gregory Knight
David W. Griffiths
Ronald Gurrera
Tony Guthrie
Lorraine and Richard Hagen
Mary Jo Haggerty
Richard and Lois Hall
David H. Halpert
Constance Hart Walkingshaw
Maureen Harvey-Cullen
Nathan S. Hasson
Sherry H. Hatch
Steven Hatfield
Nancy Hausman
George S. Troupe Foundation
Virginia M. Haywood
Brian Joseph Hazard
Neal and Susan Heffron
Ethan Heilman
Mary E. Hernon
Jon Hirschtick and Randy Gollub
Anna Holzhauer
James G. Liebau
Dr. Patricia Lindquist
Anne-Marie and William Litchfield
Dominic Lloyd
Peter Lombard
Geoffrey Lordi
Patricia and Michael Lotane
Linda J. Lyster
Sharon Mabile
Robert E. MacKay
Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger
Kathleen and Norman MacLeod
Kenneth and Maureen MacPhee
Peter and Susan Maguire
Martha Mahoney
Robert and Kathleen Mahoney
Dr. Claire P. Mansur and John P. Ryan
George Mantis
Marilyn and Harold March
Jon and Josie Marston
Jaime and Geoffrey Mason
Randall Mason
Barbara Matteson
Robert and Sandra Mazaika
Andrea and Read McCaffrey
Terri-Lynn McCormick
Kathleen D. McFadden
Thomas P. McIntyre
Carolyn McLaughlin
Carol McMullen and Sean Rush
Dr. Lindsay McNair
Loretta McQueen
Julie M. Mead
Jorge Medina Conde
Barbara W. Meyer
John and Robyn Meyn
Janet Mihalyfi
Andrew and Marilyn Mikita
Lori and Lesley Millar-Nicholson
Joshua Model
Edward and Christine Moloney
Helen S. Mooradkanian
John Moran and Michael Wood
Kyle F. Moran
Amy Rosenfeld and Lisa Walsh
Bernard H. Rosman
Patricia C. Rotondi
Lara Rotter
Richard Rudman and Karen Greenberg
Ellen F. Ruland
Paul F. Rulison
Matthew and Carlyn Sanders
Alison Sanzone
Philip Sarcione and Mary Burnett
Mildred and Frank Savastano
Kevin Scerbo and Jeffrey Lyle
Lynne Schlossberg
Eleanor L. Schmidt
Rebecca L. Schuster
Joseph Schutt
Malisa and Andrew Schuyler
Stephanie and Jeffrey Schwartz
Brian Sharkey
Jennifer Shea
Mrs. Mary Sherpick
Suzanne M. Siccone
Nancy A. Skowyra
Lorraine Smith
Melissa Smith
Jonathan Smotrich
Christopher and Andrea Spence
Deborah and Randall Spicer
Walter Stewart and Ann Sherpick
Janet Stoddard
Kevin and Kate Sullivan
Samantha Sutton
Pam and Fred Swartz
Sharon Tan
Bruce and Sarah Taymore
Sharon R. Thaler
Emma Therrien
Ann Marie Tigani
Hilary Tooley
Debrah A. True
Cynthia I. Tulloch
Christine Urban
Richard D. Urell
Mary H. Utt
Seth Wills and Chris Gucciardo
Helen M. Wilson
Earl B. Winthrop
Deborah Wolfman
Dr. Clive R. Wood
Michael Woodhouse
Paula S. Wright
Richard and Stephanie Yirikian
Antonia Zaccaria
Garry Zacheiss
Linda and Mark Zaitlin
Emily Zammiello
Douglas Zeghibe
Jin Zhao

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