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Alice T. Whitney on her wedding day

Alice T. Whitney and her husband on their wedding day

Longtime ARL supporter and former Board member, Jane Whitney Marshall, established the Alice. T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund in memory of her grandmother,(a contemporary and friend of ARL Founder Anna Harris Smith), who became a vice president of ARL in 1916 and served on the Board of Directors from 1921 until her passing in 1955.

The Fund ensures that economic barriers do not prevent owners from accessing vital veterinary care for their pets in treatable medical emergencies.

The Challenge:

As we continue to make progress against the pandemic, it remains clear that COVID-19 will continue to affect pets and the people who love them long after the last vaccine has been administered.

The pandemic has strained our limited resources, and our neighbors are facing the same financial pressures. There is a critical lack of affordable veterinary care options, and many individuals or families are faced with heartbreaking decisions about their beloved furry or feathered friends.

At the same time, the shelter animal population in our region is changing and we are seeing more complex medical issues that require advanced diagnostics, surgery, medication, and time to heal.

How YOU can help:

When you make a gift today to provide medical care to a shelter animal, your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, to provide care to an owned animal through the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund (ATW).

Frankie the cat

Only with your support can animals in the most critical of need receive the high-quality veterinary care necessary to gain a second chance at life.

ARL does not receive any government funding (with the exception of limited COVID-19 relief funding) and we rely solely on the generosity of individuals to keep animals safe and healthy.

Lend animals a helping hand

Need Assistance from the Fund?

Please contact Boston Veterinary Care at (617) 226-5605 or bvc@arlboston.org