Public Policy: Animal Admissions

Public Policy: Animal Admissions

The Animal Rescue League of Boston practices a flexible/managed admission policy, in which each admission is carefully considered in light of individual need, resident population and resources available to the shelter. This is a thoughtful process that does not lend itself to simple rules or hard and fast policies for intake.  The goal of our flexible/managed admission policy is to provide high quality care to the greatest number of animals that our resources will allow.

Those animals in high risk situations will be given priority for admission to the shelter and often come in through our Community, Rescue and Law Enforcement departments. At times an owned animal’s admission to our shelter may be delayed, especially if they are in a less urgent situation. If we cannot accept an animal into our shelters on a timeline that works for the owner, our admissions staff will offer advice for alternate solutions for their situation.

Whenever possible, admissions are performed by appointment in order to match the pace of intake with the availability of resources to the animals in our care.

Therefore, the Animal Rescue League of Boston will:

  • Treat every animal presented for admission to the shelter as an individual
  • Discuss with every client any possible solutions to help them keep the animal in their habitat or home
  • Work towards developing further pet retention programs

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