DIY Friendraiser

THANK YOU for choosing to host a fundraiser to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL)!

Whether you’re celebrating a life event, participating in a service project, or simply looking to give-back to your community, hosting a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Friendraiser is a great way to support ARL’s many programs and services that benefit animals in need and the people who care about them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DIY Friendraiser?
A DIY Friendraiser is a small event or donation collection in which funds are raised to support the programs and services of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

DIY Donation Examples

What are some examples of DIY Friendraisers?
Past DIY Friendraiser have included bake sales, lemonade stands, and church collections. Many people also ask family and friends to make donations to ARL in lieu of birthday gifts, anniversary presents, wedding favors – or in memory of a loved one.

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What’s the easiest way to collect donations for my DIY Fundraiser?
We highly recommend using a third-party site, such as Facebook or CrowdRise. Donations collected through these third-party sites are submitted directly to ARL.

I prefer to collect the donations myself and send you the total via check or credit card. Can I do this?
Absolutely! However, please note that only a single acknowledgement/tax receipt for your DIY fundraiser proceeds will be provided by ARL. Within thirty (30) days of completing your DIY Friendraiser, please send us your donation:

  • By writing a check directly to “The Animal Rescue League of Boston”, with the name of your DIY Fundraiser on the memo line, then mailed to Animal Rescue League of Boston, ATTN: Development, 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116.
  • By entering your credit or debit card information into our secure online donation form at www.arlboston.org/donate or by calling Derek Stemmler at (617) 226-5662.

Can I use ARL’s logo and marketing materials for my DIY Friendraiser?
Yes! Informational handouts about ARL are available for your use; click the link below to download them. As per ARL’s trademark policy*, we ask that you do not alter these handouts in any way, and do not reproduce the ARL logo in any way.

Download ARL’s marketing materials.

Can I hold a raffle at my event?
Yes, but please note that any type of event must comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding permits and/or licenses needed for fundraising events. ARL is unable to assist with this in any way.

Can I arrange for adoptable animals to be at my event, or have ARL pick up in-kind donations?
No, ARL is unable to provide adoptable animals, or pick up in-kind donations.

Can I arrange for ARL staff/volunteers to be at my event?
No, ARL is unable to provide staffing for your event, unless it is an approved Large-Scale Event or Partnership (see below).

Can ARL help me promote my event?
No, ARL is unable to promote your event, unless it is an approved Large-Scale Event or Partnership (see below).

What does a Large-Scale Event look like?
ARL considers a Large-Scale Event as any instance where you plan to market your event through ticket sales, press/media, or public social media accounts.

Please view our Large-Scale Events & Partnerships page to learn more.

*Trademark Policy
“ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE OF BOSTON, ARL BOSTON, the ARL Boston logo, A CHAMPION FOR ANIMALS, HELPING ANIMALS SINCE 1899, OUR FOUR-FOOTED FRIENDS, and MATCH-UP II are all trademarks owned by Animal Rescue League of Boston. Any use of these marks for purposes of promoting services or events, including for fundraising purposes, or advertising products absent Animal Rescue League of Boston’s express written permission is strictly prohibited. Please contact us at advancement@arlboston.org with permission/license requests.”