ARL staff member petting a dog

Goal 4


  1. Lead the way for animal welfare by working closely with legislators and volunteers to advance key laws and policies that benefit animals across Massachusetts.
  2. Protect more animals through humane law enforcement and by providing training for local and state police and animal control officers.
  3. Create the next generation of compassionate animal advocates through humane education opportunities for youth.

Vision in Action

ARL partnered with the Suffolk County District Attorney, state and local law enforcement officers, and other animal welfare groups to create an animal cruelty task force that aims to coordinate law enforcement efforts to fight animal cruelty. It is the first task force of its kind in the county and we are proud to be on the front lines of these important efforts to protect animals from abuse. Along with improving collaborative law enforcement animal cruelty investigation, the task force will also identify and target legislation that will protect animals not just in Suffolk County, but throughout the state.

group photo of the Cruelty Task Force inside ARL Boston