Law Enforcement Services

We are committed to investigating crimes against animals and protecting animals from neglect and abuse. We work closely with municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies, court prosecutors and animal control officers throughout the Commonwealth and log thousands of miles each year investigating animal abuse and neglect.

We do not receive any state or federal funding and operate as a full-time Humane Animal Law Enforcement Agency at no cost to Massachusetts taxpayers. Your donations keep us going!

(617) 226-5610(617) 226-5610

Suspect Animal Cruelty? Here’s What to Do.

If you know or suspect animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect, immediately contact your local authorities.

If an animal is in imminent danger – such as an animal left in a vehicle on a hot day – call your local or state police or our Animal Rescue Services Team’s Google Voice Line at (657) 777-2752(657) 777-2752.   Please note local or state police may have faster access to an emergency scene.

In non-emergency cases, you can contact your city/town animal control officer or local police department. Not all towns and cities have agencies that can respond immediately in non-emergency situations, so a follow-up call may be required to assure the animal gets help.

Members of the public and other agencies can also responsibly report suspected animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect to our Law Enforcement Services Department at (617) 226-5610(617) 226-5610 or cruelty@arlboston.org.

Your calls are confidential; however our Law Enforcement Department will require information to file a valid report in order to respond.

Thank you for protecting and improving the lives of local animals!

Examples of Animal Cruelty

Neglected Kitten

  • All animals must be provided proper food, water (drink), sanitary environment, shelter and protection from the weather and proper medical care.
  • Abandonment, serious neglect, physical abuse, poisoning, and torture are all types of animal cruelty and are felonies in Massachusetts.
  • Animals should not be left inside a motor vehicle for any amount of time during very hot or very cold weather. An animal left in a vehicle could be subject to extreme temperatures and suffer or die quickly.
  • It is illegal and dangerous to carry loose dogs in the back of pickup trucks.
  • Read Massachusetts’ statute about cruelty to animals