Public Policy: Slaughter

Public Policy: Slaughter

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) firmly believes that all animals should be treated with dignity and avoid suffering and cruelty, including those livestock raised for food. ARL recognizes there are varying opinions on the appropriateness of raising and consumption of animal products and that many in our field have strong feelings. As long as this practice is legal, it should be done humanely. Slaughter should only be conducted by those with the training and understanding of how to do so while causing the least amount of pain to the animal. Animals should avoid stress and fear prior to slaughter, with any hoisting or shackling only done after stunning the animal.

While so called “slaughterhouses” are licensed at the state and federal level, these laws are not always enforced to the fullest extent. Additionally, poultry is not subject to humane slaughter requirements at the federal level. ARL is concerned about the willingness and capacity of federal and state authorities to inspect and cite slaughterhouses that are not in compliance with regulations.

Therefore, the Animal Rescue League of Boston will:

  • Support enhanced oversight of slaughter practices to insure they are done in a humane manner
  • Support legislation that increases animal welfare and decreases suffering for livestock to be slaughtered
  • Support legislation that increases the species of animals protected by humane slaughter laws
  • Support legislation that opposes all exemptions to stunning/pre-slaughter