Match-Up II

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) offers this unique resource as part of our commitment to help as many of our four-legged friends find homes as possible. ARL is very proud to offer Match-Up II, an evaluation and rehoming tool to all animal shelters in order to assist them in rehoming dogs in their care. Match-Up II was developed at The Center for Shelter Dogs (CSD), formally a program of ARL. While CSD has recently relocated to Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, the ARL has retained Match-Up II and will continue to grow and support this great behavioral evaluation tool for animal shelters and rescues. More than just a behavior evaluation Match-Up II takes all behavioral information about each dog, intake history, evaluation and shelter behavior into account. This is all done online and will give you a triage report to best help rehome dogs. Designed to help shelters get a better understanding about the individual personality and needs of their dogs, Match-Up II lets you conduct the behavior evaluation with ease, calculate automatic personality and triage scores, and generate outcome reports with recommended training programs for specific problem behaviors.

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Glossary of Terms

Dog approaching

Approach Person/ Doll/ Dog

The dog moves toward person, doll or dog reducing the distance between the dog and person, doll or dog. In the run and freeze, if the dog runs with person, consider this an approach. If the dog moves toward any person in the room, consider this an approach. View video clip

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Back Away

Dog intentionally increases distance from the stimulus while facing the stimulus, or walks away and then turns toward the stimulus and watches it. This behavior is often accompanied by fearful body postures such as tucked tail, crouches, cower, or ears back. Does not include a dog which walks away due to disinterest or interest in another stimulus.

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A canine vocalization usually accompanied by an open mouth often occurring when dog is seeking attention, excited by stimuli or when anxious.

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If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties with the Match-Up II website, contact Dot Baisly, ARL’s Shelter Behavior and Enrichment Manager, at dbaisly@arlboston.org.