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What You Need to Know About Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Too Hot for Spot: Beach Safety Tips for You and Your Dog

Beach days can be a blast when you bring along a canine buddy, but taking a dog to the beach requires some preparation, know-how and a little common sense.

Whether your dog’s running around, jumping through waves, or just laying in the sun, it’s important to remember that anything that can harm you can harm Fido too including, sunburns, riptides, jellyfish, broken glass, sharp shells and aggressive dogs.

Here are some very important tips that will help your dog stay safe at the beach:

  • 07-22-14 Bringing Your Dog to the Beach PhotoProvide a shady retreat under a beach umbrella, tree or a make-shift tent.
  • Bring plenty of fresh, cool water and a dog bowl.
  • The sand can be scorching on sensitive paws, so offer a blanket or towel for your dog.
  • Take caution with short-muzzled breeds, like pugs, Boston terriers, and shih tzus. They can overheat very quickly.
  • Watch for signs of overheating. Symptoms may include: rapid panting and drooling, coordination problems, vomiting and/or diarrhea, collapse and loss of consciousness .
  • Avoid Sunburns: Short-coated dogs, light-colored dogs and those with pink noses can sunburn the same way that we do.
  • Keep a collar and ID tags on your dog at all times.
  • Check with your vet to make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations and licenses.

Lastly, follow beach rules! Many beaches don’t allow dogs in season or during peak hours. Remember that beach rules are actually laws, and can be punishable by a fine. Check online to make sure your beach allows dogs before you go and take notice of any rules posted near the beach.

Supervise your pet as you would a child, this will ensure that he’s safe and not bothering anyone who might not enjoy the company of a dog as much as you do.

Now that you’re prepared for a beach day, go have some fun in the sun with your canine pal!

For more information about summer pet safety visit arlboston.org/summer-safety.

How to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm

Too Hot for Spot Tuesday Tip: Thunderstorm Dog Safety

If you’re like some dog owners, you’ve probably had several sleepless nights over the last week thanks to your dog’s “thunder phobia” resulting from the severe thunderstorms that have been plaguing the Northeast.

This fear can manifest in a variety of ways including – hiding, whining, scratching, slobbering, or destructive behavior – and it can get worse with age. Dogs possess special sensitivities that can make storms more terrifying. They can sense the change in air pressure, and may hear low-frequency rumblings that we, humans, can’t detect. 

07-08-14 Too Hot for Spot Tuesday- Thunderstorms Pic07-08-14 Thunderstorms PicSo, if you want to help calm your pup (and hopefully get some “shut-eye”) during the next thunderstorm, try these 5 tips:

  1. Stay with your dog if you can. Having you by his side will make him feel safer.
  2. If there are windows in the room, close the blinds or curtains, or cover the windows so the dog can’t see outside.
  3. Create a safe haven. Hiding is a natural instinct, so provide your dog with a safe indoor area, like a crate. If you have a wire crate, cover it with a light sheet. Leave the door open so your dog doesn’t feel trapped.
  4. Play calming music to drown out the thunder.
  5. Distract your dog. Try playing his favorite game and giving him treats. He might learn to associate storms with fun and play, rather than anxiety and fear.

If none of these work and your dog’s “thunder phobia” is really out of control, consult with your veterinarian.

For more summer pet safety tips visit: arlboston.org/summer-safety.


Animal Rescue League of Boston Saves 1000 Lives

Double-digit increase in summer adoptions the result of organization-wide focus on finding loving homes for cats and dogs in need

RIZZO went home with hew new family, including a sister!

RIZZO went home with her new family, including a new sister!

Boston, MA –The Animal Rescue League of Boston is celebrating its crowning achievement of the summer of 2013: saving over 1000 lives and increasing cat and dog adoptions by more than 15 percent across its shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham.

“Summertime is the busiest time of year for our shelters,” explains Maryann Regan, Director of Shelter Operations for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

“We have the most animals coming in during the spring and summer, so we have our work cut out for us every year when it comes to finding them safe and loving homes as quickly as possible to help as many animals as we can.”

This summer, the League also decided to participate in the 2013 ASPCA Rachel Ray Challenge, a nationwide competition among 50 shelters to increase pet adoptions from June 1 to August 31 and qualify for critical grant money for programs and services.

After three months of community outreach to raise awareness for adopting shelter pets, as well as hosting several successful adoption events including this past weekend’s Take Me Home Today Adoptathon, the League’s total stands at an impressive 1015 lives saved.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of staff, volunteers, community partners, and the individuals and families who opened their hearts to an animal in need, more cats and dogs—significantly more—found forever homes,” says League President Mary Nee.  “Those 1015 won big.”

Nee maintains the focus on adoptions this summer also provided the opportunity for more people to learn about what the Animal Rescue League does all year-round to save domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect.

Adds Nee: “As we say to all of our adopters when they take their new pet home, we want to hear from you again!   We’re here for you with answers to veterinary care and behavioral questions, and hope you’ll continue to support the work we do for animals in need.”

For more information about the work and services of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, visit arlboston.org/our-work-in-action.

More about the Animal Rescue League of Boston

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect.

In addition to the Center for Shelter Dogs, law enforcement, rescue services team, shelter, and veterinary headquarters in Boston, the League operates shelters in Brewster and Dedham, Massachusetts; the Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery—the oldest in America—in Dedham; a fleet of animal ambulances; and the mobile Spay Waggin’ providing subsidized spay/neuter services throughout the South Shore and Cape Cod.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is not directly affiliated with nor a member of the ASPCA.

610 Cats and Dogs Adopted

Two Month ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge Update

Our summer campaign is about two thirds over and thanks to all of you, 610 cats and dogs, kittens and puppies have found loving homes! We still have many amazing adoptable animals who need to be adopted and several adoption events planned to help them find their perfect human companions. Please help us finish strong!

Some of our upcoming events include:

Current adoption promotions include:

Even though 610 may seem like a lot, we still need to find homes for 590 more pets! If you can, please save a life by adopting a cat or dog by August 31. If you can’t adopt please help us get the word out. Tell your friends about all of our fantastic animals and encourage them to adopt!

Peawon is an 8 year old goofball with a silly personality. He appears to be an English Bulldog, but we cannot be certain. He is an older gentleman with very few requests. You'll find him dozing at our Dedham shelter while he waits for a home!

Peawon is an 8 year old goofball with a silly personality. He appears to be an English Bulldog, but we cannot be certain. He is an older gentleman with very few requests. You’ll find him dozing at our Dedham shelter while he waits for a home!

Pet in Hot Car. What to Do?!

Every year pets die because they were left in a car on a warm day.

hotcarwarning On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach to between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes, so leaving your dog in the car for “just a minute” is a dangerous thing to do. On a day like today (90+ degrees) the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes!

Just like people, animals are affected by the heat, but unlike humans they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads.

DogpantingWhat to do if you come across a dog in a car with no owner in sight:

  1. Note the car’s make/model, license plate number, location and the time.
  2. Take down a description of the dog, and note the condition of the dog. Watch for restlessness, thick saliva, heavy panting, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and lack of coordination. These are all symptoms of heatstroke.
  3. Ask nearby businesses to make announcements using the vehicle’s make/model to locate the dog’s owner.
  4. If the owner is not located call the police or local animal control.
  5. If possible, don’t leave the scene until help has arrived!

If a pet shows signs of heatstroke, bring them to a vet immediately! Provide the pet with water to drink, and apply cool (not cold, you don’t want over cool the pet), wet towels to the groin area, stomach, chest, and paws. If you have access to a large amount of water, consider spraying or splashing them with cool water, to bring their body temperature down.

Stop by Cape Codders “Paws for Celebration” is Today!

Join us today, Saturday, June 22 from 11am – 3pm at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans. You don’t have to be registered for the dog walk to enjoy the celebration!

The event for people and pooches includes tons of pet-related activities, entertainment and contests, and a pledge walk through downtown Orleans. It’s a fun day out for all the family – including your dog! Event highlights include:

  • PawsForWebsiteContests – Dog/Owner Look-A-Like, Waggiest Tail and more!
  • Raffle! Click here to see the amazing prizes you could win!
  • Face painting, photo booth and caricature artist
  • Police K9 unit demonstration and Frisbee dog show
  • Shopping with pet retailers & other vendors
  • Blueberry facials and other mini spa treatments for dogs
  • Tons of free giveaways
  • Book signings

If you don’t want to join the Pledge Walk, come to Nauset Middle School and join in the fun. Entry is free!

Paws for Celebration on Cape Cod is 1 Week Away!


Pucker up, friends! The kissing booth will be back at this year’s third annual “Paws for Celebration!” The day-long festival includes a fundraising dog walk through downtown Orleans, entertainment, shopping, a silent auction, contests and loads of free goodies for the pups… all proceeds will benefit our Cape Cod shelter in Brewster!

Event highlights include:

  • Contests – Dog/Owner Look-A-Like, Waggiest Tail and more!
  • Raffle! Click here to see the prizes you could win!
  • Face painting, photo booth and caricature artist
  • Police K9 unit demonstration and Frisbee dog show
  • Shopping with pet retailers and other vendors
  • Mini spa treatments for dogs
  • Free giveaways
  • Book signings

Create your personal fundraising page online today to start collecting pledges. Form walk teams with friends, family and co-workers. The first 350 people to register online or at the event will receive a free Paws for Celebration 2013 T-shirt!

We hope to see you and your pooches in our photo kissing booth on the 22!

Click here to register for the event!

Save-The-Date For The Cape’s #1 Dog Friendly Event

ARL save the date - 2013 velvet

The first 400 people to sign-up online with a $20 donation receive a FREE 2013 Paws for Celebration t-shirt!

As you start making your summer plans, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Paws for Celebration! If you’re a dog lover, or just love to have a great time outdoors, it’s the number one way to kickoff summer on the Cape! Join in on the fun AND support our Cape Cod shelter, register for Paws for Celebration today!

Click here to register for the event!

Adoption Spotlight: Meet Whiskers

Meet the face of our Whisker Patrol, Whiskers, the black tabby cat!

Whiskers is a delightful 13-year-old cat. Don’t let his age fool you, this handsome fellow has a lot of personality and a lot of love to give. If you’re looking for a laid back, relaxed, and affectionate companion, Whiskers is the cat for you!

We chose him as the face of our campaign for three good reasons. 1) His name fit the bill, 2) He’s just so charming and wise, and 3) he’s the oldest cat at the shelter and he deserves to be spending his golden years in a caring home.

Summer is a particularly difficult time of year for the Animal Rescue League. Many cats are being surrendered and our shelter is nearing capacity. During these busy months, cats like Whiskers are sometimes overlooked by adopters. 

Please help adult cats like Whiskers find their forever homes by participating in our “Whisker Patrol”. From August 17th until August 31st, the Animal Rescue League of Boston has reduced its adoption fee for adult cats 1 year and older to $50! Discounted adoptions will be available at all three of our shelters. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook to follow the #WhiskerPatrol!