Like many, Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird were first introduced to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) when they adopted a new family member, a tuxedo cat they named Nippy. Both Jonathan and Catherine had always been cat lovers, but Nippy’s adoption was inspired by their daughter Athena’s desire for a kitten. A great companion to all, she could be found sleeping in bed with houseguests, squeezing into Athena’s dress-up clothes, providing grief support when other pet siblings passed, and startling tradespeople as they worked around the house.

When Athena left for college, Jonathan wanted to do something meaningful with his free time, which ultimately led him to start volunteering with ARL.

With his years of experience with cats, ARL’s Director of Volunteer Engagement suggested Jonathan start as a Feline Friend, caring for cats on Monday mornings. Little has changed: that was 10 years ago, and Jonathan has worked the same Feline Friend shift nearly every Monday since!

Volunteering brought Jonathan great perspective and insight into the work that ARL does for both animals and people in need. Jonathan noted that the various reasons for which an animal can be surrendered to ARL brought him a greater sense of empathy and compassion for those who must make difficult decisions regarding their animals. He witnessed first-hand the impact of ARL’s community programs that work to keep pets together with their families and the profound care given to those pets who needed to find new homes.

Jonathan and Catherine recognized the impact ARL has in the community and decided to put ARL at the forefront of their giving. Nearly ten years ago, they chose to become monthly contributors through the Champions Circle, and their dedication has not wavered.

They decided to start giving monthly to help smooth out the imbalance of seasonal giving. Catherine says “Many don’t realize organizations are running on fumes waiting for the large influx of donations at the end of the year.” Their commitment as monthly donors helps to keep operations running smoothly all year long. Jonathan notes that monthly giving also makes it easier to reach their giving goals by splitting up donations throughout the year. It allows them to “set it and forget it” and still have a measurable impact for ARL and the animals we serve.

The couple feels fortunate to be able to support ARL significantly as they do, and hope that their donations will allow ARL to continue its impactful work in the community for animals and the people who love them. Jonathan and Catherine’s generosity ensures ARL’s ability to do just that. ARL is extremely grateful to have them as friends, adopters, and benefactors of ARL.

September is Champions Circle month

Half of our donations arrive during the last four months of the year- and most of it during the last 2 weeks in December – yet animals need help every day.

So why wait until the holidays to help?

You can support animals in need ALL YEAR LONG by joining the Champions Circle, a monthly giving program that’s like a subscription for saving animals. Join today.