A Stray Bearded Dragon Finds a Home

08-20 Roscoe & Lex

Roscoe with Lex (the ARL animal care and adoption agent who fostered him)

We’ve been focusing a lot on cats and dogs this summer for the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge, but did you know that the League takes in a variety of small animals including all sorts of reptiles? Thanks to our well-trained staff we are able to care for animals that most shelters are not able to take in.

Roscoe came to our Boston shelter a few weeks ago. A woman had found the stray bearded dragon out on the street and it was clear that he was in rough shape when he came in.

One of our adoption agents, who has a lot of experience with reptiles, knew exactly what to do. She prepared a warm habitat for him and “an epic chopped salad” to feed his appetite. She could tell that something was wrong with him and after bringing him to the vet she discovered that not only was Roscoe underweight, but he also had a serious problem with his right leg and was unable to use it. This is something that Roscoe would have to learn to live with.

Roscoe with his new family.

Roscoe with his new family.

Our animal care and adoption agent took him home for a week of foster care and much needed TLC. He didn’t have an appetite, so she had to force feed him food, water and medication. After a few days Roscoe’s condition improve significantly and he was soon available for adoption.

We luckily found him a wonderful home with a father-daughter duo who is well versed in sick and injured bearded dragons.  It is satisfying to know that another life was saved!

If you’re thinking about getting a reptile for your family, please call us first, we just might have the pet you’re looking for. We currently have two awesome turtles waiting for a home!

If your can’t adopt a reptile, but would like to help us, our Boston shelter is in great need of basking logs/platforms and turtle food!