One way to give to the Animal Rescue League of Boston is to donate a gift-in-kind.

In addition to cash donations, below are some items that we need. Please note that we cannot use newspapers, clothing, stuffed animals with beads or plastic eyes, opened bags of food, and old computer hardware or monitors. If you would like more information about needed items or to make a donation, please call or visit any of our shelters during regular business hours.

Bedding, cleaning and grooming supplies
-Clean towels and sheets
-Cat beds
-New brushes and combs for dogs and cats
-Kuranda dog or cat beds – order online and they will be sent straight to one of our shelters
-Dish and high-efficiency (HE) Laundry detergent
-Clorox bleach

-Cat toys of all kinds
-Cat scratching pads from www.imperialcat.com. Please call 1.800.783.0977 and ask for the ‘Scratch n’ Bits’ program to buy these at a reduced rate and have them shipped directly to one of our shelters.
-Toys for large birds
-Dog toys of all kinds

-Cat treats in unopened bags
-Big rawhides and knuckle bones, etc.
-Meaty training treats, but no dry biscuit-type bones
-Unopened jars of peanut butter

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