PUPPY DOE UPDATE: Quincy Police Department Announces Arrest of Suspect

Police to Host Press Conference Following Suspect’s Arraignment Tuesday Morning

At a press briefing this afternoon, Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan announced an arrest in the case of Puppy Doe, the young adult female dog found tortured, starved, and dumped near a park.

To watch the complete briefing, visit necn.com/10/28/13/NEWS-CONFERENCE-Police-in-Quincy-Mass-an/landing.html?blockID=856221&feedID=11106

From the very beginning of the investigation into Puppy Doe’s abuse, we wanted the person responsible for this heinous crime to be found and brought to justice as quickly as possible.  The Quincy Police Department and the District Attorney shared our sense of urgency in identifying the perpetrator, and we want to thank both organizations for their diligence and continuous hard work in pursuit of justice for Puppy Doe.

For the safety of people and animals in our community, we feel a tremendous sense of relief that a suspect is now in custody.

The arrest comes after many weeks of dedicated and intensive investigation by the Quincy Police Department.  We look forward to attending the press conference tomorrow morning at Quincy Police Department headquarters following the arraignment of the suspect to share more details of the investigation.