Puppy Doe’s call to action: see something, say something

In addition to continuing to support the on-going investigation and prosecution of the Puppy Doe case, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) has issued a call to action to the public to report suspected animal abuse to local authorities.

All too often, animal cruelty remains undiscovered. By many estimates, 4 out of 5 cases remain concealed, leaving animals to suffer in silence. Yet we can all give a voice to victims of animal cruelty if when we see something, we say something.

In the words of ARL’s president Mary Nee, “public awareness and people speaking up will be our strongest defense against future cases of animal cruelty.”

In the months since the news about her case first broke, many individuals and organizations have taken action related to Puppy Doe at their own initiative. We respect the right of individuals and businesses to express and pursue their ideas, whether it’s writing a book, selling a product, or producing a video. The ARL, however, has no involvement with any of these projects.

When we’re asked what people can do to channel the grief, sadness, and rage they feel about what happened to Puppy Doe, we suggest supporting an animal welfare organization.

Donate, volunteer, adopt a shelter pet….help them further the work they’re doing to help animals in need.

And most importantly, speak up and report suspicions of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse to local authorities. If when you see something, you say something, you can make a tremendous difference.

Learn more about the signs of animal abuse and visit arlboston.org/take-action for more on what you can do to help animals recover from cruelty and neglect.