Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) believes that responsible pet owners should protect the well-being of any animals in their care, whether the animal is a companion or working animal.

The ARL defines a responsible pet owner as one who:

  • Provides humane care; species-appropriate food, water, shelter, exercise, preventative and emergency veterinary care and behavioral enrichment;
  • Complies with the animal control laws for the town and state in which they live, including but not limited to, pet licensing and immunization requirements; and
  • Provides a humane and appropriate alternative for a pet if for any reason he or she can no longer keep the animal.

Therefore, the Animal Rescue League of Boston will:

  1. Promote responsible pet ownership through all adoptions.
  2. Be a resource for connecting community members and adopters needing assistance in pet care with appropriate programs, whether external or through ARL programs, such as Boston Veterinary Care, Dog Training Classes, and Spay Waggin’ low cost spay/neuter.
  3. Be a resource for pet owners who can no longer keep their pet.
  4. Seek to inform community members on responsible pet ownership through the ARL’s Behavior Helpline and outreach activities.

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