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Local Companies Lend a Paw to Animals in Need

Recently, the employees of two local companies, Appleton Partners and Definitive Healthcare, hosted in-kind drives and fundraisers to benefit animals in need.

Both events helped raised funds to support ARL programs and secured treats, toys, and blankets for our shelter animals.

Thank you to the compassionate employees of both organizations who generously donated gifts, toys, and their time to our cause.

Interested in hosting a fundraising at your company? Please visit https://www.arlboston.org/diy-friendraiser/

Appleton Partners and Definitive Healthcare helping animals

A Mastiff Relief for Titan!

Big and Lovable Lovable Dog thriving after surgery

donations for titan

Titan, 6-year-old Mastiff, needed a $2,000 surgery to remove and test a large tumor in his abdomen.

During a routine neuter surgery,  our shelter veterinarian discovered shelter dog Titan had a large mass in his abdomen.  X-rays confirmed the 6-year-old big and loveable Mastiff had a tumor.

According to ARL shelter veterinarian Dr. Erin Doyle, about 50% of this type of tumor are benign and the other 50% are cancerous.  Sadly, dogs with the cancerous-type of tumor have a 6-month life expectancy after the tumor is removed without additional medical intervention.

Titan needed a $2,000 surgery to immediately remove the tumor and test for cancer.  The ARL moved quickly to get Titan the medical care and testing he needed.

Titan’s goofy grin and happy-go-lucky personality had quickly warmed the hearts of everyone at the shelter.  Everyone was hoping for the best when he underwent surgery a week later.

Thankfully, we got what we were hoping for!

Titan's adoption day

A recovering Titan (Mastiff on the right) post-surgery posing for a photo with his new family on his adoption day!

“Titan’s tumor ended up being a very rare type of benign kidney tumor,” happily reported Dr. Doyle.  “Now that the tumor has been removed, Titan should be able to go on to live a normal life.”

With the tumor gone,  Titan was cured and medically-cleared for adoption. He went home with a new family shortly after surgery and by all reports is doing better than ever!

Would you like to help Titan and other animals like him?

Only with your support can dogs like Titan get emergency medical assistance when they need it most.

The ARL doesn’t receive any government funding and relies solely on the generosity of supporters like you to provide veterinary care and treatment for shelter animals who have no one else to turn to for help when they’re sick or injured.

MAKE YOUR DONATION GO FARTHER NOW!  The Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund will generously match your donation today dollar for dollar!

Please visit arlboston/kintera.org/titan or click the button below to make a donation to help pay for the care and treatment of Titan and other animals like him.

Donate Now


Thank You Thursday: The Broadway Dog Spa Donates Grooming Services for Lynnfield Dogs

Thank You Broadway Dog Spa!

The six dogs that the ARL’s Rescue Team removed from the Lynnfield hoarding house a few weeks ago underwent a dramatic transformation thanks to The Broadway Dog Spa in South Boston. The ARL doesn’t have professional groomers on staff, so whenever we take in a dog with a dire need for grooming, we rely on support from local businesses to help the dog look his or her best.

From the moment we took in the Lynnfield dogs we knew that they needed to see a groomer as soon as possible! All of their coats were overgrown and some were caked in feces and urine. Not only was a good grooming important to the dogs getting adopted, it was important to their overall health and self esteem.

The Broadway Dog Spa generously agreed to donate their grooming services to help. Take a look through our before and after photos and you’ll see the dramatic transformation. They look like entirely different dogs!

Most importantly, the grooming seemed to change their dispositions. They were clearly happier after their grooming. The dog with the most obvious shift was Zorro. Initially, very timid, he would hide in the back of his kennel and cower. Immediately after his grooming it was as though a huge weight had been lifted off of him. His tail wouldn’t stop wagging and he would run to the front of his kennel, eager for attention.

Today’s Thank You Thursday is dedicated to Michelle at The Broadway Dog Spa for coming to the aid of these dogs and generously donating grooming services to the ARL. Thank you!

Bella Before-After Buddy Before-After Shadow Before-After Sugar Before-After Zorro Before-After

Georgina Before-After


3 Things You Might Not Know About the ARL

Long History, Far Reach, Community Support

If you read our blog, chances are you’re somewhat familiar with our organization, but if you’ve never visited our Dedham location, you may wonder about what the building in our logo means.

12-30 3 Things about ARL_thumb1. History of the Red Barn Logo

The red barn in our logo reminds us of where we came from and stands as an important symbol of protection against the suffering so many animals still endure. The brutal treatment of horses, dogs and cats in Boston’s neighborhoods first moved Anna Harris Smith to establish the ARL and to open animal shelters throughout the state as a refuge in 1899. Anna Harris Smith dedicated much time and resources to helping Boston’s working horses. Many spent time in the red barn at our Dedham location, a haven from the poor, sometimes cruel treatment the too often suffered.

Horses may no longer roam the streets of Boston, but clearly animal cruelty and neglect still exist today.


RottiRescuelow2. Rescuing Animals Near and Far

Our Rescue Team has traveled as far as Haiti and New Orleans to help animals after natural disasters. While we primarily focus on animals in our own community, our Rescue team has responded when disaster relief organizations have called on them for assistance with saving animals in devastated areas.


3. 100% of Our Funding Comes from Donors Like You

We don’t receive any government funding and rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to help animals in need. All of the animals that come through our doors are able to receive the care they need only thanks to you. So if you haven’t already, please make a donation today. Click here or on the green button “DONATE” button in the upper right corner of this page.

12-30 Adopt with Quote

Learn more about the impact of your donations on animals in need at issuu.com/arlboston/docs/4-sheet_about_animal_rescue_league



Tis the Season of Giving

Every dollar helps shelter animals get one step closer to their dream

Your tax-deductible gift to the Animal Rescue League of Boston will ensure that animals in distress receive the care they need, and a chance to find a loving, caring home for the holidays.

12-23 Donate Dog Photo

Your donation will help animals like Allie Mae.

We hope you’ll choose one of the options below and make a gift to the animals at the ARL.

Clean Out Your Closet for the Love of Animals

Make Fashion a Force For Good

Introducing Gilt City and Fashion Project, our newest partners who are offering a $50 Gilt City credit when you clean out your closet for the animals at the ARL. Register on Gilt City for a free, in-home or in-office donation pick-up by Fashion Project and receive your credit when you donate.

55% of the net proceeds from the sale of these goods will go directly to benefit animals in need at our shelters. Join us in making fashion a force for good.

What is Gilt City?

Gilt City is the local lifestyle site from the Gilt Groupe. Experience the very best restaurants, spas, salons, exclusive events and shows in your city – all at insider prices. Gilt City will help you to Love Your City More.

What is Fashion Project?

Fashion Project is the luxury clothing donation service that turns your gently-used designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories into support for the charity of your choice, which in this case is the ARL!

Learn more here: www.gilt.com/fashionprojectbos

11-19 Fashion Project

Be A Champ: Help Animals Year-Round

Your Continuous Support Matters to Animals

By joining our Champions Circle you will make an immediate impact by providing the ARL with a steady source of revenue year-round.

This group of faithful animal lovers who make a regular, monthly donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston all year long make a HUGE difference in the lives of needy animals. As a Champions Circle member your donation amount can vary from $5 per month to $100+ per month and it’s up to you how much you give.

Know that your ongoing, generous support is crucial to our ability to rescue, treat and care for the animals in your community.

As an active Champions Circle member you will receive:

  • A monthly letter with updates on the current animals in our care and any upcoming League events.
  • A copy of our bi-annual magazine, Our Four Footed Friends, that highlights the amazing work made possible by you.
  • You will have the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes tour of any of our shelters to see your gift in action.

Signing up is easy! Visit arlboston.org/champions or click the SIGN UP NOW button below and indicate the frequency of your gift – we will take care of the rest!

If you prefer to receive monthly reminders and pay by check please contact Keegan Garnsey at kgarnsey@arlboston.org or 617-226-5608.


09-18 Champions Circle Photo Ad

Paw it Forward by August 30

“Pawing” it Forward Seems to be a Trend Here at the League

Since we started promoting our fee waived cat adoptions back in July, many adopters who took home a fee-waived cat have chosen to pay it forward and sponsor the adoption fee of another cat. Thanks to all of those people, many of our long term cats have been able to find loving homes. We have been so touched by this outpouring of kindness from our adopters and donors. Thank you for caring so much about the other animals.

“Take Me Home Today” our final, shelter-wide, adoption event of the summer will be the last push to reach our adoption goal by August 31. Please help us empty our shelter by sponsoring a portion of a cat or dog’s adoption fee.

Donating $100 may mean that an animal goes home thanks to you! If you’ve ever adopted an animal, you understand the kind of love we are talking about.

Please “paw” it forward and help empty our shelter on August 31, 2013! By sponsoring a portion of an animal’s adoption fee you are not only helping that animal, but also helping us reach that 1200 in 12 weeks goal! You have until Friday, August 30 to make your donation.

PAW it Forward NOW

08-14 Cat Paws

Unconscious Puppy Gets 2nd Chance

Puppy Found Unconscious at Lowell Folk Festival, Now in League’s Care

08-07 Ramona Laying DownThe League has offered to provide care, training and safe haven to this special puppy saved by Lowell police and a pair of Trinity Ambulance EMT‘s after being dragged behind her owner on a leash at the Lowell Folk Festival on July 28. When the police found the puppy, now named Ramona, she was unconscious, laying on her side, with her eyes rolled back in her head – she was barely breathing.

Despite her horrific experiences, Ramona is a very spirited pup. Her internal strength is probably what helped her survive the tragedy of her abuse on the day of the Lowell Folk Festival.  On the other hand, her feisty nature also means that she is a very exuberant and energetic puppy who could use a little “good manners 101” when interacting with other dogs and people.

It’s possible that Ramona was taken from her brothers and sisters and mother too young, because she does not know how to appropriately behave with other dogs.  Additionally, we do not know what other abuses she may have suffered during her young life that shape how she behaves with people today.  She lunges at other dogs and does not know simple commands or show any sign of listening to people.

To help Ramona get on the right track we’re immersing her in daily play group with other dogs, and individual training, using positive, reward based training while she is still young enough to learn during her critical impressionable period (up to four months of age).

08-07 Ramona Training

We are teaching Ramona to understand basic commands like “sit.” Help us continue training Ramona and other dogs like her by donating today.

We know Ramona is smart and has a good nature. By giving her some “total immersion” training over the next few weeks and a lot of TLC, we hope to help shape her into a confident, well socialized dog who will be a safe, family dog when she grows up to the big dog that she is going to be!  After a couple of weeks of training, we expect that she will be able to move to a foster home where she will live with another dog,  continue her positive training and learn how to behave in a home setting.

As you may know, we operate the Center for Shelter Dogs, which is at the forefront of improving quality of life and behavior for dogs in animal shelters throughout the country. The programs we provide for our dogs’ entertainment can be found on the Center for Shelter Dogs website.

Court actions can take a while, so we are not sure when or if Ramona will be available for adoption. Anyone wishing to help support her care and other dogs like her can donate now.



Donating to the League is Fun & Easy

There are Many Ways to Give

People have often asked how they can help shelter animals or what they can do to raise money for the League. There are a variety of ways to help. For example, a few weeks ago a group of people at Blue Cross Blue Shield held a month-long drive for our shelter animals. They collected towels, blankets, toys, treats and even raised some money for the League. These items are all much needed and much appreciated. We have so many animals coming to our shelter that these supplies go quick. Thank you so much for your donation!

08-06 ARL Jeans DayCambridge Savings Bank held a Jeans Day drive for us last Friday. If employees donated $3.00 to the League they could wear jeans on Friday. Thanks for your continuing support CSB!

Nevin1A common way for kids to give to the League is donating their birthday money or asking for pet supplies instead of gifts, which they then donate to the League. Little Nevin did a door-to-to door drive last year and donated supplies, toys and funds to the League. He even drew this adorable sign for the animals. Thanks, Nevin!

These are just a few ways that you can give to the League. If you’re thinking of ways to help animals visit the “Ways to Give” section of our website for some inspiration.