Abandoned Dog’s Long Road to Recovery Begins at ARL

Criminally neglected, blind and deaf dog found on the side of road in Ware

Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) Law Enforcement Services is working with police in Ware, MA, to discover who was responsible for dumping a blind and deaf senior dog along Route 9, while ARL’s Shelter Veterinary Services are working hard to give this poor girl a second chance at life.

In early May, Eleanor, an 11-year-old Lhasa Apso mix, was discovered by a passerby wandering near mile marker 66 on Route 9 in Ware. Combined with her small size, the fact that Eleanor is also blind and deaf, it’s amazing she wasn’t struck by a car. After being secured by the region’s Animal Control Officer, ARL Law Enforcement Services was contacted, and Eleanor was brought to ARL’s Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center for further exams and treatment.

The degree of neglect to this animal is severe. Along with the hearing loss, a chronic “dry eye” condition went untreated, which may have contributed to her loss of vision. Chronically untreated skin disease has caused fur loss and extreme discomfort. Eleanor was also suffering from dental disease, matted fur, overgrown nails, and two masses on her head were also discovered.

eleanor story pic

Eleanor relaxing and awaiting a treat.

During her time at ARL, Eleanor has had one eye removed, the two masses were excised and biopsied, results of which were benign. She has also received a number of treatments to improve her health and comfort. While going through quite an ordeal and a difficult life, Eleanor is on the road to recovery and ARL is confident she will get a chance to find a new home.

Working Together

This outcome is the result of ARL Law Enforcement’s strong relationships with police agencies across the Commonwealth and the organization’s commitment to help any and all animals in need. Because of the criminal level of neglect, abandonment, and the condition that Eleanor was found in, ARL and Ware Police are urging anyone with information to contact law enforcement.

Why Your Help Matters

ARL treats every animal that comes through our doors with excellent care, compassion and love. From exams, surgery, ongoing treatments and the likelihood of extended foster care, Eleanor’s rehabilitation will be lengthy, and also costly. ARL allocates nearly $500,000 annually on treatment and rehabilitation for animals like Eleanor. We receive no government funding, and rely solely on the generosity of individuals like YOU to support programs and services for animals in need.