The warm weather of the spring and summer seasons are a critical time for outdoor and community cats and kittens.

 “Kitten season” is in full swing and we have seen a significant increase in the number of kittens in need of life-saving care.

 These tiny creatures are born outside and at the mercy of the elements. They are at risk of injury, disease, or worse. Left without someone to care for them, they are in serious danger.

three kittens together

You can help them!

Join us for this year’s Kitten Shower, as we bring awareness of the reality of kitten season and rally support to help these fragile babies.

This is your chance to help kittens get the chance they deserve at a safe and healthy life in a home.

 Here’s how:

    1. Make a gift today to provide kittens and cats with the care they needGifts of $100 or more will be recognized on the Kitten Kuddler Wall of Honor
    2. Send critically-needed supplies from our Kitten Shower Registry directly to those in need
    1. Help spread the word by participating in our Cutest Kitten (or Cat) Photo Contest – submit a photo of your feline by:

Your support can mean the difference between a challenging life outdoors and a happy, secure home for these vulnerable animals.  

Have you found kittens outside and don’t know what to do?

Call ARL right away by dialing (617) 426-9170, then press “1” and “1” again. Click here to read more and download our flyer

P.S. Though things are re-opening and life may feel more normal, the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the welfare of companion animals. Just one effect of COVID-19 was the delay or prevention of routine care like spay and neuter surgeries. As a result, the number of stray or unowned cats could rapidly increase, putting more animals at risk. Please consider a gift to help these vulnerable animals today.