Our focus: getting them healthy and ready for adoption

During a drug and weapons raid on a home in Middleboro, MA, on Wednesday morning, police found 17 pit bulls–4 adults and 13 puppies–jammed into a small crate.  All the dogs were emaciated and dehydrated; the puppies covered in feces and riddled with worms.

The local veterinarian who provided urgent care to the puppies described them as “little bone racks,” and believes at least one of the puppies wouldn’t have made it through another night if authorities hadn’t found him.

Middleboro Animal Control contacted the Animal Rescue League of Boston for help, and all but one of the rescued pups checked into the three ARL adoption centers in Boston, Dedham, and Brewster.  The one puppy too sick to travel remained under the care of the local vet. (UPDATE: Once this puppy was healthy enough she was brought to the ARL and placed in our foster program. We call her Baby Bell.)

As widely reported in the media, the puppies had clearly been living in cruel conditions.

Lt. Alan Borgal, director of the ARL’s Center for Animal Protection, suspects the dogs’ previous owner, now under arrest, had a side-business selling dogs: “I think this was a case of a ‘backyard breeder’–an individual who’s not professional breeder and just trying to make a quick buck.  They don’t put a lot of care into the animal.”

Over the next few weeks, care-givers at the ARL’s adoption centers will focus on getting the pups healthy and ready for adoption.   In spite of their rough start on life, these little guys and gals are snugly, playful, and sweet-as-can-be.

We will keep you posted on their progress and when they will be ready for adoption!