The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) had the pleasure of taking David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz on a quick tour of the Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center yesterday.

He was greeted in the lobby, by long time resident, Sapphire and an ARL adoption agent “Oh you like me little girl” – Ortiz said to Sapphire, the two bonded quickly.

He also spent time with a kitten, named Francis, who was recently rescued from a drain pipe by the League. Francis, whose fur resembles a Lion’s main, impressed Ortiz, he told Veterinary Technician, Jessica Wright, that as a child he always wanted to adopt a Lion but now he is happy with his 3 year old Terrier, Foxy.

The tour was full of moments of laughter, Ortiz was down-to-earth, friendly and funny! When we took him to see the dogs, he took his time making sure each dog received a treat and some special attention. Ortiz immediately gravitated to our largest resident commenting on his size and how similar they were.

Photo courtesy of, Kristi Palma

Photo courtesy of, Kristi Palma

When we told Ortiz about our Field Services Department, he was impressed by the scope of our services. As an animal lover, he recognizes the importance of the work that the ARL does and told us how much he appreciated the opportunity to get to meet the animals and see behind the scenes. Everyone at ARL is so thankful for him taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit.