Jumping into action on a cold night

Thank you to the two boys who called the Animal Rescue League and Boston Animal Care (BAC) for help with a puppy rescue on a very cold night earlier this week.

puppy rescue in Boston

Two boys found the small puppy trapped between a fence and a wall in a local park.

After hearing whimpering noises coming from somewhere, the boys went outside to look around and try to find what was making them. They followed a trail of tiny footprints in the park across the street from their home and found the poor pup trapped between a metal fence and retaining wall!

Realizing the little dog was stuck and would not survive a night out in the freezing cold, the two rushed to get help.  The ARL and BAC arrived on the scene and worked together to pull the shivering and frightened puppy out from behind the fence.

Watch the short video of the gentle rescue below.

We’re happy to report the little guy is sweet as can be and recovering very well from his ordeal thanks to the two kind young men who helped an animal in need!