While most people would shy away from the daunting tasks of cleaning dog kennels in the middle of the night, bathing dirty puppies, and lifting heavy crates, ARL supporter Randy Mason is not one to back down from a challenge. 

Randy’s love for animals is evident from the moment you meet him, and he proudly identifies himself as a dog person, though he loves all animals. In addition to the dogs he has cherished throughout his life, he also had a beloved cat named Oscar. 

Currently, Randy has an American Pit Bull Terrier mix named Stella Luna. Stella was Randy’s third rescue dog, and his first Pit Bull type dog. When he met Stella, he had no preconceived notions about her breed, he just saw her for what she was – a truly sweet dog. 

Despite having a professional career as a consultant in the healthcare field, Randy has always made time for his passion for animals by volunteering his time, talent, and treasure with various organizations, including ARL. 

And Randy’s philanthropic spirit does not end with animals, he is a bit of a charitable chameleon! Randy serves as a board member and volunteer for multiple organization across many missions including hunger, conservation, human services, and more! 

Randy has been able to combine his professional and philanthropic experience by doing pro-bono consulting work for various nonprofits. Randy says this opened his eyes to the number of nonprofits that exist. “Name an animal or a body part, and there is probably a nonprofit that exists to support it.” 

In addition to his extensive volunteer work, Randy recently completed a certificate course about behavior management of shelter animals. This demonstrates Randy’s unwavering dedication to being the best possible advocate for animals and makes him an incredible asset to the ARL. 

When Randy is volunteering with ARL you can find him helping with reception coverage at our Dedham Administration building or our Animal Care and Adoption Centers, 

helping spread the world about ARL at local events, or helping with our transport program! 

Randy finds that the common thread among his various activities with ARL to be the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share his desire to make a positive impact. The shared passion and dedication of these individuals serve as a source of motivation for Randy to continue working towards a brighter future for both people and animals in need. Whether he is participating in a transport, making phone calls, or attending events, Randy remains committed to his mission of improving the lives of animals in need, one step at a time.