Abandoned Pitbull Recovering After Complex Heart Procedure

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is ecstatic to report that Gunner, the nine-month-old Pitbull-type dog that recently underwent a complex heart procedure, is making a fast recovery and is now ready to find his forever home!

Gunner suffers from Pulmonic Stenosis – a genetic heart defect that restricts blood flow from the heart to the lungs.

He underwent a Balloon Valvuloplasty (BV) procedure, which places a special balloon catheter across the stenotic pulmonic valve and then inflated to create a larger opening to allow better blood flow from the heart to the lungs.

Although starved and abandoned, Gunner has always displayed a friendly, outgoing and excitable personality, and since his procedure, he’s even more excited!

Ready to Go Home

**Update 12/9: Gunner has been adopted!**

With his surgery complete, Gunner is now ready to find his forever home.

While recovering wonderfully post-surgery, those interested in adopting Gunner will need to consider the medical factors before taking him home.

Upon adoption Gunner will need a recheck echocardiogram in 3-6 months, and then every 1-2 years after that.

Because Gunner’s first BV procedure went so well, the likelihood of an additional surgery at this point is low, however it may become necessary in the future.

Gunner is currently in a foster home, but anyone interested in meeting this amazing pup can contact ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center to set up an appointment.

Double Your Impact for Animals Like Gunner!

With routine medical care, diagnostic testing, surgery, follow-up-care and rehabilitation, the cost of correcting Gunner’s heart problem was an expensive endeavor. However, Gunner is just one example of the extraordinary care ARL’s shelter medicine staff provides to every animal who comes into our care.

This level of care is not possible without your support. ARL does not receive any government grants or public funding, and relies solely on the generosity of individuals like you to make a difference, and in Gunner’s case – save a life.

By donating to ARL today, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar to double your impact!