Update: Maybelle’s Weight Loss Journey Continues

Pot-Bellied Pig Losing Inches

When we last checked in with Maybelle the pot-bellied pig in July, her waist measured 48 inches, or 4 feet round! In the past month, Maybelle has made significant improvements, but still has a long way to go to get back to an ideal weight. In her latest measurement by Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center staff, Maybelle has lost two inches, and the weight loss is certainly noticeable — but that’s not all.

“Her skin is healthier and not as tight,” said Dr. Kate Gollon, ARL Shelter Veterinarian. “She is more willing to walk around on all four feet rather than on her wrists and appears more comfortable overall. Previously when she walked, her belly would drag along the ground and get chaffed, but now she has some clearance, which is further evidence of her weight loss.”

When Maybelle first came to ARL several months ago, she weighed 196 pounds and could barely stand, let alone walk; and her overgrown hooves were causing severe discomfort. She was also so obese that a roll of fat covered her eyes, impacting her vision.

Now she is moving easier, there’s less discomfort, and we are even starting to see her eyes!

ARL’s veterinary staff want Maybelle to lose weight safely — meaning it will be a slow and steady process. She is still receiving six small meals a day and has drastically reduced her caloric intake. Maybelle still has approximately 60 more pounds to lose and is still unable to move around well enough to get outside, but that’s expected to be the next step in her rehabilitation so stay tuned!

Extended Care and Wish List

It’s expected that Maybelle’s weight loss and rehabilitation will take up to a year, meaning she will be in the care of ARL much longer than a typical shelter animal. From food and shelter, to on-going veterinary care, costs to take care of Maybelle will run in the thousands. ARL does not receive government funding, and relies solely on the generosity of individuals to care for animals in need like Maybelle. Please donate today to help Maybelle and animals like her.

If you can’t donate, you can still help this sweet girl along her journey. Like many human diets, Maybelle needs her vegetables — and loves celery. We also want to keep her comfortable, and proper skin care can go a long way in that regard. ARL staff brushes Maybelle with Vitamin E oil, which she seems to enjoy, and her skin looks much healthier. So if you’re near ARL’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center, feel free to drop off any of the above items, and help Maybelle during her life-saving journey!