A few months ago, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center took in a litter of two-month-old rabbits in need of loving care and new homes.

ARL typically adopts out hundreds of rabbits annually, but Diggersby, with his adorable markings and sweet demeanor, quickly became a favorite for ARL’s Dedham staff.

Because he was only two-months-old at the time, he needed to spend some time in foster care before being made available for adoption.

Once in his foster home, Diggersby quickly adapted to his surroundings and was extremely social right out of the gate.

He loved hanging out with people, but was also introduced to a number of different animals.

Diggersby met dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs and took an immediate liking to everyone he met.

Rabbits are very intelligent, and while in foster care, Diggersby learned to use a litter box in no time, and also learned to eat his food out of food puzzles.

When he was made available for adoption in September, he found his perfect match quickly and is thriving with his new family!

As mentioned, Diggersby made quite the impression on everyone he met during his time with ARL, and when the holidays rolled around, ARL’s marketing staff honored the cute bunny, by including him in ARL’s annual holiday coloring contest!

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