5 Reasons to Adopt a Bird!

January is National Adopt a Bird Month and the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) wants to spread the love! Often overlooked in animal shelters, these beautiful and majestic creatures can make great pets, especially for families with limited living space or allergies.

Here are 5 other reasons why YOU should branch out and adopt a bird this month:blue parakeet

1. You’ll have someone to talk to. Because of their above average intelligence, birds are very communicative and love to socialize with humans. Birds have wonderful personalities and will often make you laugh by doing silly things like dancing and singing to themselves in a mirror.

2. You’ll have fun training them. Since most birds are relatively small, training them can be less physically demanding than working with larger creatures, making them a good choice for the young, elderly, or disabled.

3. You’ll have a loyal friend for the long-run. Many bird species have extraordinarily long life expectancies, some living more than 100 years! This often eases the concerns of people who want to make sure they adopt a pet that they can love and enjoy for a very long time.

4. You’ll have more space. A bird’s, food, water, and toys are typically self-contained in their cage, so smaller households will still have plenty of room to move around.

5. You’ll save money. Most landlords only charge “pet fees” to tenants with cats or dogs.

DON’T FORGET… to bring a photo! If you’re interested in adopting a bird or other small animal, the ARL requires that you bring a picture of the cage that your new companion will be living in to ensure it’s adequate. Click here to meet our adoptable birds.