Pam Chatis is running out of ways to support the Animal Rescue League of Boston! She is a volunteer, monthly donor,
and member of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society®. In addition to her work with ARL, Pam also volunteers with the House Rabbit Network of Westwood and Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum.

Those who know Pam can attest that she is a busy bee. After obtaining her PhD in Virology and completing a post-doc fellowship at MIT, she worked for many years studying molecular virology and infectious diseases. She was also a competitive athlete and avid runner before an injury forced her to slow down — though clearly not in spirit. Even in retirement, she maintains a rigorous schedule, dedicating her time to the causes closest to her heart.

Pam’s journey with ARL began over 26 years ago when she made her first donation after seeing a story about our Wildlife and Rescue (now known as Field Services) department. ARL’s work with facilitating wildlife rescue was near and dear to Pam’s heart. Growing up in the rural Worcester area, Pam would often come across sick or injured squirrels and chipmunks and would help care for and rehabilitate them.

In addition to the wild critters she cared for, Pam’s family also had pet Beagles, rabbits, and parakeets. This foundational experience helped rabbits become her “heart animal.” Pam believes that they are often overlooked in comparison to cats and dogs, especially because rabbits are sometimes considered livestock and not given the same considerations as their larger, fluffier, companion animal counterparts.

This empathy for rabbits and other small animals has made Pam an incredible asset to our “smallies” team of volunteers here at ARL. “Smallies” is the affectionate term for small animals like rabbits, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs used by our staff and volunteers. Pam also spends valuable time with cats demonstrating behavioral challenges such as fearfulness and aggression.

Though she has only been a volunteer with ARL for a little over a year, her impact has been tremendous. Pam’s knowledge, dedication, and patience has helped many of our shelter animals to turn a corner behaviorally, blossoming from frightened and angry to calm, loving, and most importantly, adoptable. By going at their own pace and earning their trust, Pam enables our most vulnerable animals to find the loving homes they deserve.

As a member of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society®, Pam’s planned gift will help ensure her impact will continue beyond her worldly years. We are extremely honored to have Pam as part of our organization now and forever, due to her generous legacy gift.

Did you know August is National Make-A-Will Month?

Just as animals have touched your life, you can forever touch the lives of animals by including the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) in your Will. Learn how to leave your print and make more than a lifetime of impact for animals.

When you include ARL in your Will or other plans, you become a member of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society® and join the company of compassionate supporters like Pam, who want their dedication to the well-being of animals to continue long into the future.

Have you included, or are you thinking of including ARL in your Will? Let us know so we can thank you! Please contact Jackie.