This past week a two-year-old puggle and her five puppies were discovered in a wooded area along Route 3A in Weymouth, MA, this after the mom had been missing for some time.

Since going missing the puggle had been spotted a number of times, but remained elusive.

While difficult to survive on her own in the wild, the puggle was resourceful and had been living in an area close to a fast food restaurant so she would have an ample food supply.

Weymouth Animal Control Officer Mike Parker was able to trap the mom, and after her owner relinquished custody of the dog and puppies, they were brought the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Robin and her puppies

Robin's Puppies

Despite some scratches, scrapes and a number of insect bites from living in the wild, the mom and her four-week-old puppies are in good health.

Given the age of the puppies, the family will be placed into foster care until the pups and mom are ready to find their loving forever homes.

How You Can Help

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