Injured seagull trapped on roof for several days

Employees at John Hancock on Congress St. in Boston got a mid-afternoon show this week, as the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Rescue Services Department was dispatched to rescue an injured seagull that had been trapped on the rooftop for several days.

Ten stories up, the seagull was huddled in a corner and in a precarious situation. With an injured wing, it wasn’t able to fly and had no access to food or water – given the height, the rescue effort had to be performed delicately to not frighten the bird.

Accessing the glass rooftop from a conference room window, ARL rescue agents crept across the roof, slowly and silently approaching the seagull to make an attempt to snare the injured bird.

With John Hancock employees looking on from their windows, the actual rescue was an example of ARL’s experience and expertise. It was precise and only took a matter of seconds — the agent came around the corner with a net, and was immediately able to capture the startled bird.

Once netted, the bird was safely placed in a transport carrier, and brought to a local animal hospital for evaluation and treatment.

A Vital Resource

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