Puppy given second chance transported from overcrowded shelter in Mississippi

A nine-week-old puppy is getting the second chance of finding the home and the life she deserves thanks to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL).

Clementine, an adorable female lab-mix puppy, was found along with her sibling as strays in Mississippi, and while healthy overall, a ruptured corneal ulcer may have changed her outcome.

Along with blindness, a corneal rupture causes severe pain and can also lead to infection if untreated.

The best course of action for Clementine was to remove the eye, and after recovering from surgery, this Southern girl is your typical puppy – sweet, playful, energetic and curious.

ARL is a proud partner of the ASPCA’s Animal Relocation Program, which transports animals from overcrowded shelters throughout the country to shelters like ARL who can offer them the chance for finding the forever home they deserve.

Clementine, her sibling, and about 20 other puppies were part of the most recent transport of pups to ARL’s Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center, and it certainly didn’t surprise anyone that on the very first day she was available for adoption, she found her forever family.

Ability for Transports

Thanks to the ongoing community-based efforts of the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) to partner with human-service organizations, help local animals in need, and assist pet owners to keep pets out of shelters and in homes, ARL is in a wonderful position to assist shelters in other parts of the country that are faced with overcrowding.

ARL receives puppies, young adult dogs, as well as kittens and cats from other areas of the country on the monthly basis, and all of these animals are provided with the utmost compassion and care until they find their permanent homes.

These animals receive thorough veterinary exams and care, behavioral assessment, and all the attention and love they need before going home.

Without ARL, these animals would face an uncertain future, and the organization is proud to be able to give these animals the second chance they deserve!