Spay Waggin’ Returns to Boston after a Decade

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) unveiled its brand new Spay Waggin’ during a special spay/neuter and pet wellness clinic in East Boston Thursday, bringing expanded high-quality and accessible veterinary services to this historically underserved community.

The mobile clinic was held in collaboration with the Massachusetts Animal Fund, which provides eligible Massachusetts pet owners with spay/neuter vouchers to cover the cost of surgery and associated services, such as vaccinations.

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ARL provided free spay/neuter services for more than 20 animals, whose owners have been on the Boston waiting list for services for six months or more due to both demand and COVID-19-related restrictions.

“We’ve been on the waiting list for about a year,” said Dayanara G., who’s dog Blanca was spayed. “It’s very helpful, I rescued her so I didn’t have all the funds to get all her medical treatment. With COVID it was just so hard, a lot of the vets were closed so even just shopping around for them was hard.”

ARL’s Wellness Waggin’ was also on-site to provide low-cost basic and preventive veterinary care for at least an additional 20 animals whose owners were referred by community partner Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD)’s East Boston location.

Additionally, the East Boston Shaw’s location, who offered it’s parking lot as a staging area for the clinic, also hosted a pet food and supplies drive during the week leading up to the clinic.

When picking up their animals, clients were able to take home the pet food and supplies collected via ARL’s Transport Waggin’.

Need for Services

For the estimated 16,000 pets and 40,000 residents living in East Boston, pet resources are extremely limited, with just one veterinary clinic and one pet supply store in the immediate area.

By establishing a monthly Spay Waggin’ location in the community beginning with this September clinic, and by adding ABCD’s East Boston location as a weekly location for the Wellness Waggin’ beginning in 2021, ARL will significantly increase East Boston residents’ access to basic veterinary care and spay/neuter.

“ARL is excited and humbled to be able to provide these essential services to pet owners in East Boston,” said Dr. Edward Schettino, ARL President and CEO. “East Boston was identified as an area of great need, which was further compounded by COVID-19. ARL’s new Spay Waggin’ will join the Wellness Waggin’ to increase our capacity to help, and our continued partnership with ABCD will further allow ARL to broaden its reach in this great community.”

The Spay Waggin’ joins ARL’s Wellness Waggin’ and Transport Waggin’ as ARL continues to expand its comprehensive community programs approach to help alleviate barriers to care, such as cost and lack of transportation, that prevent many pet owners from accessing basic veterinary care.

Brand New Spay Waggin’

The new Spay Waggin’ is a state-of-the-art mobile surgical unit, and is the third unit in the programs’ 20-year history.

Since 2000, ARL’s Spay Waggin’ program has served the South Shore, South Coast, and Cape Cod region, and has performed well over 60,000 spay/neuter surgeries during operation.

You Make Community Services Possible

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