The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is excited to announce that it is now an official partner of the ASPCA’s Relocation Program.

As a result, ARL will begin receiving regular transports of animals who come from different regions of the country from the ASPCA.

The ASPCA Relocation Program launched in 2014, and has since relocated more than 160,000 animals from “source” shelters in areas with high homeless pet populations, to “destination” shelters in communities, like Massachusetts, where adoptable animals are in high demand.

The ASPCA’s Relocation Program currently transports animals to shelters in more than two dozen states.

“I am excited about ARL’s new partnership with the ASPCA,” said Dr. Edward Schettino, ARL’s President and CEO. “The ASPCA is a wonderful organization, and knowing that ARL can assist in taking in animals from areas where homeless pets and overcrowded shelter populations are a real issue, and finding these amazing animals loving homes right here in Massachusetts is impactful.”

ARL has already received a number of transport animals from the ASPCA, and looks forward to taking in more throughout 2021 and beyond.