Transports: A Growing Network of Relationships

Throughout 2017, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) transported nearly 300 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies from other regions of the country and the Caribbean. The circumstances for transporting may vary, but the end goal is always the same: to give each of these animals the opportunity to find their forever home.

Watch A Video Recap of our 2017 Transports!

Why We Transport

Access to care. In our region of the country puppies and kittens are in high demand. Why? It’s partly because affordable spay and neuter services like ARL’s Spay Waggin’ are readily available, which drastically cuts down on the number of unwanted litters. In the Southern regions of the United States, affordable spay and neuter services are not always available, and the warmer temperatures also extend mating seasons. Many shelters in these areas of the country are simply overwhelmed and inundated with animals who need homes.

Partnering with these organizations allows ARL to take these animals into our care, and find them new homes. This in turn satisfies the local demand for these animals, while freeing up space to allow our partner organizations to continue their important work.

ARL Transport Partners

  1. All Sato Rescue. This Puerto-Rico based organization aims to find homes for the staggering number of homeless dogs on this U.S. Territory island. ARL received its first transport of Satos (Puerto Rican slang for mutt) in July, another in August, and also received an emergency transport of dogs in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
  2. Peggy Adams ARL. Sixty kittens were flown via private jet from Palm Beach, FL to Boston back in September, and ARL also assisted the organization with an emergency transport following Hurricane Irma.
  3. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Alexander County Animal Services. ARL began its partnership with these two North Carolina organizations in October, and have already tentatively scheduled monthly transports for all of 2018!

Animals Depend on Us — and We Depend on You!

Animals at ARL receive the specialized veterinary care, kind attention, and socialization they need to thrive — only because of YOUR generous donations. We receive no government funding and rely solely on generous individuals like you to keep our important work going. Your tax-deductible donation will provide the critical resources necessary to help thousands of homeless animals, family pets, wildlife, and community most in need in 2018. Thank you for being a champion for animals and for giving generously today!