Social Media Sensations!

An innovative idea, a heroic story of survival, or a sad case of abandonment which stirs our emotions and captivates the masses. The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) found itself at the forefront of the social media world throughout 2017; garnering attention locally, nationally, and in some cases globally.

Watch the Top Social Media Sensations of 2017!

sm thumb1The Kitten Pouch. Invented by a volunteer about a decade ago, the kitten pouch allows staff to safely tote around under-socialized kittens and let them get used to being around humans. A Facebook post on this device went viral, and had animal welfare organizations from around the globe asking for the pattern for use in their respective facilities.


sm thumb3Ted. This curious little kitten was discovered wandering around the Ted Williams Tunnel during the Labor Day holiday weekend. When ARL responded, State Police assisted by shutting down traffic lanes so the little guy could be brought to safety.



sm thumb4Coffee. Coffee’s rescuers first saw Coffee walking near their car at a Starbucks — in Virginia. Turns out the kitten was looking for warmth, as he had wormed his way under the hood. His rescuers heard him meowing outside of New York City, and discovered him wedged between the grill and radiator! Once in Boston, the couple brought Coffee to ARL for treatment.


sm thumb2Trooper. When this poor kitten was trapped on the median along Route 128, he was rescued by a Massachusetts State Police Trooper, and his quick actions helped save the kittens life.



sm thumb5Phil. Phil was an instant media sensation when he was found abandoned in the cold along a road in Hingham. Many were shocked and dismayed, wondering why anyone would cast him aside like garbage; many also called ARL wanting to take him home! Phil’s story went national, and he even received care packages from as far away as Florida!


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Let’s Help Even More Animals in 2018 — Together!

Only because of YOUR support could animals like Phil, Trooper, Ted, or Coffee receive the compassionate care that they so desperately needed. With your continued support, we can get at the root causes of neglect and abuse to ensure that all animals have a chance at a safe and healthy home in 2018. ARL receives no government funding, and relies solely on the generosity of individuals like you to keep our important work going. Thank you for being a champion for animals and for giving generously today!