A pair of bonded pigs that were surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) back in June 2019 recently found their new home, and while the journey was long, it was worth the wait!

Turner and Hooch were both a year old when they came to ARL’s Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center in 2019, after their former owner could no longer properly care for them.

Right away the two displayed their playful personalities, as they’d follow visitors around the paddock, gently take fruit and other snacks from staff and volunteers, and allow pets from whoever was willing.

Pet pigs are not for everyone, and while Turner and Hooch continued to be happy in their surroundings, they were unfortunately unable to find a new home.

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference, so after a number of months in Brewster, Turner and Hooch were transferred to ARL’s Dedham campus to see if their luck would change.

In Dedham, they settled in and showed off for staff, volunteers and visitors alike, but once again weeks turned into months without a new home.

As 2019 turned to 2020, Turner and Hooch, while happy in Dedham, it was clear that they once again needed a change of scenery and the opportunity to be around other farm animals.

An ARL foster family opened up their hearts and home for the pair, and once in foster care, efforts ramped up to find Turner a Hooch a permanent home.

Going Home

In the spring of 2021, Turner and Hooch’s soon-to-be family were actually looking for a puppy, when they stumbled upon the pigs, and as they have been fostering dogs for a nearby shelter and slowly been growing their animal family on the farm property in New Hampshire, they immediately decided that Turner and Hooch would be a perfect fit.

With the adoption complete, Turner and Hooch moved into their new home, and have settled in quite well.

“Turner and Hooch have been happily exploring their new home,” said Erica Formhals, Turner and Hooch’s new mom. “Their tails are always wagging and they are so well-bonded. They are quite cautious and shy but overall they are inquisitive and are beginning to trust us – trust is huge!”

There is a perfect family for every animal at ARL, sometimes it just takes time for an adoption to happen.

ARL is thrilled that Turner and Hooch have found their permanent family, and knows they will happy in their new home for years to come!

Ready to Adopt a Farm Animal?

Along with pigs like Turner and Hooch, ARL frequently has farm animals including goats, horses, chickens, among others, that are available for adoption.

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