Cats. They just seem to find the oddest places to hide, and for Trixie, a 1.5-year-old cat, this past week she decided (unbeknownst to her owner) that behind a dresser drawer would be a fabulous place to lay low.

Unfortunately when her owner closed the drawer, the curious cat was caught between a drawer and a hard place, and suffered a dislocated jaw. As a result, Trixie could not close her mouth.

Her very concerned owner brought the cat to Boston Veterinary Care (BVC), where Trixie was sedated and examined.

Trixie on the mend after BVC veterinarian Dr. Nicole Breda used a pencil as a fulcrum to pop her dislocated jaw back in place.

X-rays confirmed which side of the jaw had dislocated, and the next question became – how to pop it back into place?

BVC Medical Director Dr. Nicole Breda used a good old-fashioned No. 2 pencil as a fulcrum, placing it in the way back of the jaw on the left side and slowly closed Trixie’s mouth. The pencil did the trick as the jaw popped perfectly back into place!

Trixie will make a full recovery and was sent home with anti-inflammatories and placed on a soft food diet for a week, but after that she’ll be ready to find her next hiding spot.

Another tool in the toolbox for the veterinary team at BVC.

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