And we’re celebrating our Champions all month long.

ARL’s Champions Circle members provide reliable support in the form of monthly gifts. With their recurring contributions, members give animals the critical support they need now, and dependable support that ARL can count on, ALL YEAR LONG.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, this type of support is vital and we are so grateful.

To our current Champions Circle members,

Thank you!

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Not yet a member? Now is the perfect time to join the over 840 compassionate people who are already a part of this amazing group!


While it is difficult to predict the ongoing impact of this pandemic, one thing remains constant – animals in Massachusetts are still in need. 

And when disaster strikes, Champions Circle members are there to answer the call for help.

Champions Circle members provide the unwavering support that sustains life-saving measures and second chances for animals all year long.

By becoming a Champions Circle member today, you are ensuring that animals in need will the care they deserve, even during difficult times.

Will you help us reach our goal of 50 new members?


Why does monthly giving matter?


    • The effects of the pandemic continue to reverberate throughout our community. Pets and the people who love them are still in need, and your support is critical to helping them.
    • 60% of ARL’s funding comes in during the last quarter of the year- and most of it during the last 2 weeks in December – yet animals need help every day. Monthly support from Champions Circle donors provides animals with care and assistance when they need it most.
    • Monthly giving is a convenient, affordable, and efficient way to make a difference in the lives of animals in our community.
    • Spreading out your donation in smaller increments throughout the year makes your giving budget work harder and creates an even bigger impact for animals.

Join by September 30 and receive an exclusive 2022 wall calendar!

Each September, we send members an exclusive wall calendar featuring some of the many success stories that their monthly support made possible.

 And, when you join the Champions Circle before the end of the month, we will send one to you so you can look forward to 2022 with uplifting adoption stories and joyful photos!


The calendar is a special gift that portrays the incredible impact of this community of dedicated supporters. It’s a small token of our appreciation for their unwavering support of animals in need.


In addition to the calendar, you can expect:

Champions circle gifts

What your monthly gifts mean for animals in need:

Champions Circle symbolic gifts

Don’t miss your chance to get your calendar by signing up for monthly giving before midnight on Thursday, September 30, 2021!

It’s easy to join…

  • Use our secure online form by clicking here
  • Call Derek at (617) 426-9170 x162 to set up your monthly gift over the phone