An 8-year-old Shih Tzu was recently left tied to a fence outside of the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, and after discovering and removing a malignant mass, ARL was thrilled to find this sweet pup a special home to live out the rest of her days filled with comfort and love.

In mid-August, the dog, named Raggedy Ann, was spotted by a trash collector around 5 a.m., tied to a fence outside of ARL’s shelter on the Tremont St. side, and notified staff a little while later when the Good Samaritan realized that the dog had likely been left by its owner.

The animal had a collar but not tags, and was also left with a bowl of water.

ARL surmises that the owner did not know what else to do, and left the dog in a moment of panic.

Raggedy Ann was given a thorough veterinary exam which revealed a mammary mass, which was removed and biopsied – unfortunately the mass was malignant.

And while a chest x-ray did not show any sign of metastatic disease, it is possible that additional mammary tumors may appear or that metastatic disease may become apparent as she ages.

Given her medical condition, ARL wanted to see Raggedy Ann find a new home as quickly as possible so she may enjoy the remainder of her life in a home with a loving family.

A dedicated ARL volunteer stepped up to open up their heart and home, and Raggedy Ann has settled in quickly and is thriving in her new environment.

ARL is a Resource 

With Raggedy Ann being left outside the Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, ARL wants to remind the public to please always surrender a pet in person.

Surrendering a pet is an incredibly difficult decision, and ARL understands this.

If a pet owner needs to surrender an animal, ARL asks that pet owners do so in person, so transfer of the animal can be done safely, and it’s also an opportunity for ARL staff to learn as much as they can about the animal.

Additionally, ARL understands that circumstances do arise in life when pet ownership is no longer feasible, and offers a comfortable, safe and perhaps most importantly, a judgement-free environment to complete a pet surrender.

If a pet owner is wrestling with the decision to surrender, ARL does offer a variety of services which may help keep the animal out of a shelter and in the loving home where they belong.

Services include ARL’s Free Pet Behavior Helpline, the Keep Pets S.A.F.E. program, the Wellness Waggin’, Spay Waggin’, among others.