Ensuring Your Pets are Included in Emergency Plans

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) wants to remind the public that pets need to be included as a part of planning for any emergency. When it comes to pets, it starts with having a sturdy and comfortable crate at the ready, should the need to transport your animal arise. Additionally, your pets need a go-bag to make sure they’re taken care of. The bag should be waterproof, and contain necessities for your animals including:

Emergency Kit Thumb

A sample pet emergency kit.

  • Several days’ worth of food and water
  • Portable food and water bowls
  • A manual can opener and utensils
  • Kitty litter and disposable litter boxes, newspaper, potty pads
  • Trash bags, paper towels and other pet sanitation needs
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • Collar with ID tags
  • Extra leashes
  • Grooming items
  • Medications and medical records stored in a waterproof bag
  • Toys and treats
  • Bedding

Preparing this kit is also an opportunity to ensure that your pet’s microchip information is correct and up-to-date. Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests carrying a picture of you with your pet, just in case you become separated.

Preparedness is responsible pet ownership.