18-Year-old dog surrendered in October

For many at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), senior animals hold a special place in our hearts, and when a senior pet finds their perfect family, it’s always a heart-warming experience.

Booker, an 18-year-old silky terrier, was surrendered to ARL’s Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center in October, and would quickly show everyone that age is indeed just a number.

Booker looking dapper in Brewster.

Upon arrival at ARL, Booker was understandably quiet and reserved, but that changed quickly.

Once settling into his new surroundings, he showed off his personality and was extremely friendly and just wanted to be around people – he would whine or bark until a staff member or volunteer would come to say hello and spend time with him!

While his veterinary exam revealed moderate to severe dental disease and partial blindness, Booker was in overall great health, particularly for a senior animal.

Finding a Home

ARL is incredibly proud of the very short length-of-stay for the majority of animals in the organization’s care, and for Booker, it was imperative for staff to find him a home as quickly as possible so he could continue to enjoy his retirement years.

Despite his age, Booker was still plenty active, enjoying short walks and exploring his outdoor surroundings, but of course he is very happy to be curled up with his favorite person on the couch for a nap as well!

With his good health and sparkling personality, it took no time at all to find Booker a new home, where he is thriving and spending his first holiday season with his new family!

Helping Animals Like Booker

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