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Animal Rescue League of Boston Rescues Dozens of Sick Birds

Animal owners in the Dorchester Neighborhood notified to be cautious while walking their dogs

Dorchester birds

Today, the ARL will send 15 birds to Tufts Wildlife Center in Grafton, MA for additional treatment.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) responded to 33 Bakersfield Street in Dorchester, MA on September 8, 2016  in response to a resident who called regarding her sick cat and the observation of birds falling from trees.

The ARL immediately gave emergency treatment to one cat, but unfortunately the cat could not be saved.

Additionally, 47 Grackle-type birds were either falling to the ground, sick, thrashing and unable to fly, or were found unresponsive.

It was determined that the birds should be isolated and neighbors notified to keep dogs and other animals from the area.

Current update on the 47 Grackles:

  • 12 birds found deceased on scene
  • 8 birds passed away shortly after rescue on their way to the shelter
  • 12 birds were humanely euthanized due to their poor condition
  • 15 birds remain in good condition in the custody of the Animal Rescue League of Boston Veterinary Team. Today, these animals will be sent to Tufts Wildlife Center in Grafton, MA.

The ARL continues to work with the State Department of Agriculture, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, City of Boston Inspectional Services Department, and Boston Public Health Commission to determine the cause of this unusual incident.

DONATE NOW to ensure that animals in need, like the many Grackles involved in this case, receive the critical veterinary care that they need.

Oliver Twist, Adopted!

We’re starting this Saturday off with some wonderful news! Oliver Twist has found the perfect home! When he first came to the League he was in very rough shape. His journey has been tough and we have no way of knowing everything that that he’s been through, but we do know that this playful puppy has gone to a fabulous home! Finally, he’ll have a chance to experience what being a puppy is all about with a family that loves him!


Staff members give Oliver one last hug before he goes home with his new family!

Update: Oliver Twist To Go Home Soon Thanks To YOU!


Oliver Twist, the severely neglected puppy found in Dorchester by a FedEx delivery man, has been making excellent progress over these last two and a half weeks! He has been following a strict progressive re-feeding schedule and is filling out nicely. As you can see from the photo above, he looks MUCH better than he did the day he came in. Despite being a victim of animal cruelty, Oliver is a happy and playful puppy who LOVES attention from his human pals. 


Thanks to your support and donations we were able to give Oliver the care he so desperately needed! We were amazed by how quickly you all responded on Facebook and Twitter, sharing his story and donating online. You helped save this puppy!

We’re are thrilled to share that he’ll be going home with his new family by the end of the week!

Update: Oliver Twist, Neglected Puppy Goes For A Walk
Oliver walks with Lex. Photo: Christine Barton

Oliver walks with Lex. Photo: Christine Barton

Thank you all for your support and concern about Oliver Twist. This severely neglected puppy who was found by a FedEx delivery man in Dorchester is so sweet and friendly. His progressive re-feeding program is going well and he is loving all of the attention from our volunteers and staff. One of our volunteers took these fabulous photos of him, sporting a red fleece jacket to keep his frail body warm when he went on a walk on Friday. Our veterinarians are checking him on a daily basis to make sure that he is gaining weight at an appropriate speed.

Our law enforcement department has been actively seeking information in the neighborhood of Dorchester where he was found. We still need your help! If anyone has any information regarding the severe neglect and cruelty toward Oliver please call our Anti-Cruelty Law Enforcement Department at 617.226.5610.

Please consider a gift to help Oliver today!

Our rescue and law enforcement teams receive no government funding – We rely entirely on the support of people like you.

For those of you who have already donated, THANK YOU!

OliverPhoto: Christine Barton

Photo: Christine Barton

UPDATE: Severely Neglected Puppy Found

04-03/2013 UPDATE On Oliver The Severely Neglected Puppy

Oliver receives a bath.

Oliver receives a bath.

Oliver’s condition has stabilized. He spent the night at our Boston shelter and was treated for a skin infection. He is on a progressive re-feeding schedule and is eating on his own. He’s also getting lots of love and attention from our staff. For now, we do not know how long his road to recovery will take.

Please consider a gift to help Oliver today!

As you can imagine, there has been a great deal of interest in Oliver, and there is already a long list of potential adopters. Please call our adoption line to speak with an adoption agent about putting your name on the list or feel free to visit our website to see all of the amazing dogs we currently have available for adoption! Your support is much appreciated.

04-03/2013 Breaking News: Severely Neglected Puppy Found

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is requesting your help regarding the severe neglect and abuse experienced by a 5-6 month-old puppy found shivering in Dorchester late this morning by a FedEx driver. The League’s Rescue Service Team responded and found the dog, who has been named Oliver Twist.


The frail puppy approached our Rescue team when they called to him as if he knew they were there to help. Due to the severity of Oliver’s condition they rushed him to the League’s Boston shelter for immediate medical attention.

Oliver is severely emaciated – lacking fat and muscle, his bones jut through his skin. On the Purina body condition scale in which 9 is obese and 1 is extremely emaciated – Oliver scored less than 1. In addition, Oliver was covered is his own urine and feces, had overgrown nails and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

Oliver1We need your help! If anyone has any information regarding the severe neglect and cruelty toward Oliver please call our Anti-Cruelty Law Enforcement Department at 617.226.5610.

“April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and this case is a perfect example of why we must come together as a community to prevent abuse of helpless animals,” said League President Mary Nee.

Please consider a gift to help Oliver today!

Our rescue and law enforcement teams receive no government funding – We rely entirely on the support of people like you.

With your help, the Animal Rescue League of Boston can end animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect. This is a large promise but it has been our mission since 1899.

Our promise-we will put your dollars to work immediately to end the suffering of animals like Oliver.

Cat Saved Just Before The Storm

dorchestercatintreeA stray cat was found stuck in a tree in Dorchester yesterday and with the impending winter storm our Rescue Team knew that they had to work fast to get the cat to safety! Working swiftly, Danielle, one of our Senior Rescue Technicians, got up to the cat’s level and was able to entice him with some cat food. After some coaxing she was able to extract the stray cat from the tree without incident and the cat is now warm and cozy at our headquarters in Boston’s South End. The video below shows the “TAIL” end of the rescue. Brian O’Connor, manager of Animal Rescue Services, says “the ride down is the fun part for us, especially when you’ve just rescued an animal in need of our help.” Though the cat wasn’t thrilled with being put in a carrier, he is doing fine now thanks to our talented Rescue Team!

Abandoned Kittens Rescued in Dorchester

Tuesday, the League’s rescue team received a call about one-month old kittens left in a box on the caller’s porch.

The mother of the litter was nowhere to be found. Danielle Genter Moore, Senior Rescue Technician, said that calls about abandoned cats have been becoming more frequent. When this litter of three was found, they were dirty and frightened. The League has cleaned them up and given them a warm place to sleep.

The kittens will be in foster care for approximately one month until they will be adopted into their forever homes. Click here to watch WHDH-TV’s coverage on our new, tiny four-footed friends