ARL works with owners, local animal control to remove 19 cats from overcrowding situation

The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Field Services Department recently worked with local animal control and a family in need of assistance to help remove 19 cats from an overcrowding situation in Barnstable County.

The owners of the cats had unfortunately suffered a number of recent hardships and were no longer able to care for the cats, so when local animal control reached out to ARL regarding the overcrowding situation, ARL sprung into action to help not only the cats in the home but the family involved as well.

orange tabby cat

One of 19 cats ARL removed from an overcrowding situation in Barnstable County.

Working with the owners and animal control, ARL was able to trap 19 cats and safely remove them from the home, and then transport the animals to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The cats were given time to settle into their new surroundings before receiving comprehensive veterinary exams and undergoing spay/neuter surgeries.

Because of the hardships their previous family faced, many of the cats are not used to being around people, and while ARL’s behavioral staff and volunteers have spent time with the felines, it’s likely they will need time to acclimate to their new homes.

The majority of these cats are available for adoption, and once they adjust to their new surroundings will surely become wonderful companion animals!

Reach Out for Assistance

ARL encourages anyone who may be overwhelmed or who may know someone who may be overwhelmed, to reach out for assistance.

ARL is a resource, and will work with diligence and respect to resolve any issues a caregiver may be having.

More information about ARL’s Field Services Department, including contact information.