For a second time in February, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is lending a hand to local animal control for a large-scale cat overcrowding situation – this time involving more than 90 cats in Middlesex County.

The situation unfolded earlier this week and involved local animal control and three other local humane organizations, and to date, ARL has taken in 22 cats, with more possibly on the way.

The cats range in ages from 9-months-old to 5-years-old and were transported from the residence to ARL’s Boston and Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Centers.

ARL’s shelter medicine team continues to examine the cats, and to this point, the bulk of the cats have been diagnosed with upper respiratory infections, a common by-product of overcrowding, ear mites, and advanced dental disease.

One of the cats also needed an emergency enucleation of an eye due to severe infection.

The cats are frightened, but continue to settle into their new surroundings, and ARL staff and volunteers are also working with the cats to assess their behavior.

It’s likely that once ARL’s shelter medicine team concludes medical treatment, including dental procedures, the cats will spend some time in ARL’s vast network of foster homes to heal and prepare for life in new, loving homes.

How You Can Help

ARL wishes to thank all the organizations and local animal control officers involved for their commitment and dedication to these animals in need, and while the cats have been surrendered, they still have a long road ahead.

It will take lots of time, medical treatment, and expert care to help these cats.

When you donate to ARL today, you will ensure they, and other animals like them, will get everything the need to heal and be adopted into loving homes.

We cannot do this work alone – ARL relies solely on the generosity of individuals to help animals in need.

Thank you for your compassion and for being a Champion for Animals in need!

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