Kitten was likely entangled in fence

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is currently caring for a 13-week-old former stray kitten that is beginning a long road to recovery, due to suffering traumatic injuries.

The kitten was discovered on the side of the road in Dorchester last week, and seeing the kitten was in extreme pain and distress, the finder brought the kitten to ARL’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center.

ARL’s shelter medicine staff carefully examined the kitten, now named Nick, who was yowling and scratching due to his pain, and surmised his injuries were caused by being entangled in a fence and/or an embedded collar.

The kitten suffered deep abrasions and fur loss around his neck and front paws and a piece of wire was also removed from the back of his neck. An ARL veterinarian treated his wounds and is also fostering the kitten to monitor his condition and recovery.

As his pain has subsided, he is beginning to show a fantastic personality and ARL is grateful for the opportunity to care for him and give him the chance at the life he deserves.

There is no time table on when Nick will be well enough to find a new home, and he is currently not available for adoption.

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Nick is on the mend, but there are countless animals out there that will need ARL’s help at some point in the future and we cannot do this work alone.

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