Stray rabbit lucky to have been spotted by Good Samaritan

A one-year-old rabbit is on the mend at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Cape Cod Tom Kingman Memorial Campus, after being found as a stray in the Cape Cod National Seashore in the vicinity of Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA.

The rabbit, named Eeyore, was discovered along Doane Rd. in late April by a trail-walker who noticed that the rabbit did not look wild and then notified a nearby park ranger.

The ranger trapped the rabbit and contacted Eastham Animal Control who then transported Eeyore to ARL’s Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Eeyore was very thin and had numerous abrasions and healing lacerations, signs that he had likely come in contact with wildlife and was also having difficulty discovering a food source.

He is currently unavailable for adoption as he continues to recover and gain weight, and there is no timeline on when he may be made available.

Despite his medical ailments, Eeyore is incredibly friendly, social, and easy to handle.

Although it is unknown how he wound up on his own, ARL thanks all those involved in rescuing this animal, and reminds the public that domesticated animals cannot survive on their own in the wild.

If you are no longer able to care for an animal, contact your local animal control office, ARL, or local animal shelter to surrender the animal.

ARL understands pet ownership can be difficult, and offers a judgement-free environment for anyone looking to surrender.

For more information on animal surrender, visit, or contact an ARL Animal Care and Adoption Center by calling (617) 426-9170.